Top 11 Sites For Clothes In UAE | Shop Your Outfit Online

What are the best online sites for clothes in UAE and other Arab countries? From where should you buy clothes online to get exactly what you want? We know that shopping online for clothes is different from shopping for other products. It’s because there’s so much to consider and a lot of fears are there. How will be the fabric? Will I get the right size? What if I didn’t get what I ordered? All this and so much more.  

If you want to shop clothes online in UAE and other Arab countries make sure you consider the following sites to get a tension-free delivery. 


H&M is a renowned name in the fashion and clothes industry. As it’s an international brand it has its branches throughout the world. And UAE is the hub of shopping, so it has both physical and online stores here and also in KSA, Kuwait, and other Arab countries. H&M is a brand so you don’t have to worry about the quality, size, and all that stuff. 

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  2. American eagle:

American eagle, another big name is working in UAE, KSA, and Egypt. They have clothes for both men and women. They’re famous for their American style clothing which includes jeans, t-shirts, tops, and many more items. Again this is a brand so it’s safe to shop from here, which means you don’t have to worry about the quality and all that. 

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 3. Zara: 

It can’t be possible that this Spanish fashion brand doesn’t serve in the hub of shopping. There’s no need to tell you about this brand, everyone knows what Zara is. They deliver within 2 to 5 working days and they also have an easy exchange policy. But in return, you’ll have to re-order from their site. 

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 4. Namshi

Namshi is an online store that has collected all famous brands in one place. They sell only real products and have clothes for kids, men, and women. They don’t just deal in clothes but also offer beauty products and accessories for both genders. 

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 5. Noon: 

Noon is becoming the identity of the UAE. This online store is like amazon and actually a competitor of it. They have brands and local sellers as well. It’s your choice from where you want to buy. 

They have the fastest delivery service in the UAE and are taking over the online shopping world. However, if you Google noon, you’ll find a mix of good and bad reviews. To know exactly about this website check out this detailed article here.  

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6. Ounass

If you’re located either in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, KSA, UAE, or Kuwait, you can order from Ounass. They have all types of clothes for men, women, and kids. They also sell jewelry and other related products. Ounass offers same-day delivery in UAE and Dubai. In other parts, they also have a fast delivery service. This online store is offering many international brands as well as local designers. It might be a little expensive but the clothes are worth the price. 

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 7. Styli: 

Styli is a Saudi-based fashion and clothing brand which is spreading its wings in the whole middle east. It’s a big name in the world of online shopping for clothes. Just like other brands, they’re offering clothes and related products like jewelry and footwear. 

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 8. Splash: 

Splash, having its headquarters in Dubai is another well-known go-to site for clothes. The name splash is counted among the UAE’s largest fashion retailers. To save you some money we’re offering splash promo and discount codes check them here

 9. Vogacloset: 

Vogacloset is a UK-based fashion store that is actively working in all the middle east. They’re offering branded items all in one place. According to their website, their all products are 100% authentic. 

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 10. GAP:

Another famous international brand based in America, GAP is serving in the middle east and they ship free in Dubai. Again it’s a brand so you can trust them. And as always we have a promo code for GAP as well. Check it out here. 

 11. Max Fashion:

Our last online store for clothing is Max Fashion. They sell clothes for men, kids, and women. Their stylish clothing collection is famous around the world. Here’s the Max fashion discount code for you. Enjoy your online clothes shopping. 

So we have shared the 10 best sites of the UAE for online shopping of clothes. Most of them here are brands and you can buy branded products easily from their sites. UAE, especially Dubai is the hub of shopping that’s why many international brands are also actively serving here.

We hope this list will help you find the right store for you and while purchasing don’t forget to save some money by using promo codes and discount coupons. 

So now go and add some new items to your wardrobe. Best online shopping clothes sites in UAE or GCC.


Happy Online Clothes Shopping!

Shanzay Aziz