How To Dress For A Winter Party? Get Ideas And Inspiration

So many winter parties are coming and you haven’t decided on your outfit yet? Looks like you’re confused about what to wear. Let me help you by giving you some fabulous and head-turner winter party outfit ideas. So let’s see how to dress for a winter party.

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What to wear to a winter party?

  1. Dress with a fur jacket:

Dresses are the easiest clothing item for the party. But let’s spice things up with a fur jacket. The dress gives the party vibe and the fur jacket makes it cozy. If it’s too cold, wear stockings or leggings to protect your legs from the cold. 

Let the fur jacket be in your arms and see how fancy and cool it looks. 

Maxi dress with a fur jacket as a winter party outfit


  1. Fancy top and pants:

Let’s get to the basics, a top paired with pants. However, we’re styling for a winter party so make sure the top is fancy. Get a statement top and pair it with straight pants. Add a necklace and earrings and you’re ready to rock the stage.

Try chiffon tops, they’re perfect for party wear. 

What to wear to a winter party? A fancy top with pants


Sparkly golden top with pants for special occasions in winter


  1. Skirts:

Let’s style skirts for a winter party. Here are 2 options. One is to get a statement skirt and pair it with an elegant top. The second option is to get a basic skirt with a statement and fancy top. 

Statement printed skirt for winter occasions


  1. Black Leather with red colour: 

Red and black is the best colour combination for a winter party. Even if you wear a basic outfit the colours make it festive. And if you pair black shiny leather with bright red, it looks fantastic. You don’t have to do anything else just put on some red lipstick and set the stage on fire.  

Black top with red pants for a winter party


  1. Velvet:

This is a warm yet stylish outfit for a winter party. 

Even if your dress is simple but it’s made with a fancy fabric it passes the vibe check. One such fabric is velvet and it’s appropriate for winter. So give it a try and at least wear it once this holiday season. 

Velvet dresses as winter party outfits


Green velvet for winter holiday party


  1. Sparkly:

A party without sparkle and glitters? No way, we need some sparkles girl! 

A basic clothing piece like a top, pants, or dress can get exciting if it has sequence and sparkles. See the pictures below, how cool and festive these sparkly outfits look. 

Winter party outfit ideas: Sparkly golden skirt 


Winter party outfit inspiration: Statement sparkly dress


  1. Sweater dress and long coat: 

If you want to be decent and formal then try a sweater dress. With the right makeup and hair, you can easily make it a party-wear outfit. Put on a long coat if you want to be more casual and you’re ready for the winter party.

Sweater dress for special occasions in winter


Sweater dress as a winter party outfit


  1. Statement sleeves: 

An easy way to turn a simple dress into a party outfit is to have statement sleeves. Whether you’re wearing a dress or a top if it has statement sleeves your outfit is ready. Add some accessories and do some festive makeup to turn heads at the winter party.

Statement sleeves make a simple dress party-wear


  1. Knee-high boots with slit dress or skirt:

Knee-high boots are a fashion trend for winter so let’s style them for a winter party. Pair them with a slit dress or skirt and flaunt your long boots. 

Skirt and dress with knee high boots for winter party


  1. Summer top with a sweater:

Let’s get to layering now. Take out your favourite summer top and wear it over a contrasting sweater. Add a hat and hoops to complete the winter party look.

Layer summer top with a shirt for this winter party


  1. Maxi dress with blazers:

Whenever asked, “what to wear to a winter party”, dresses are the first thing that comes to mind. So let’s wear them in a warm but fashionable way. 

As it’s winter select a dress with full sleeves to protect yourself from cold and top it off with a blazer. Once you do makeup and hair the complete look looks decent and fancy at the same time. 

Wear black floral maxi with blazer for winter occasions


  1. Maxi dress with a leather jacket:

The same maxi dress can be styled with a leather jacket. A black jacket on a black dress looks phenomenal. 

Leather jacket with sparkly short dress as a winter party outfit


  1. Floral:

Who said you can’t wear florals in winter? Bright floral prints aren’t winter-appropriate but dark floral patterns are perfect. They give you a feminine vibe while staying according to the season. 

What to wear to a winter party: Black floral dress


5 Tips for styling your winter party outfit: 

Here are 5 tips for styling a winter party outfit.  

  1. Accessorize:

Accessorizing is extremely important. Your whole outfit vibe can get changed based on how you accessorize it. Get those jewelry pieces out and style them for this winter party.

Winter party outfit styling tip: If you’re going with a simple outfit, pair it with statement jewelry. Your simple look will be instantly turned into fancy party wear. 

And as this is winter don’t forget hats and scarves, they are also counted as accessories. 

  1. Makeup:

Just like accessories makeup impacts your overall look a lot and I don’t have to explain this, you girls already know. 

For a winter party let’s add some glitter. Glittery eyeliner and eyeshadow look stunning.  

  1. Hairs: 

Don’t forget to style your hair. A neat and clean hairstyle always looks gorgeous. Make sure to set those baby hairs for such gorgeous looks. 

  1. Fancy fabrics: 

How to dress for a special occasion in winter to stay warm yet stylish? Select the right fabric.

The fabric you choose for your winter party outfit drastically impacts your looks. Like you can’t wear a cotton shirt, right? Go with fancy fabrics like silk, leather, and velvet. Sheer fabric is also a good option for party wear. 

  1. Printed stockings: 

A simple way to add fun to your party outfit is to wear printed stockings. It adds a new dimension to your outfit and makes it pop. Try pairing it with different looks and see what works the best. 


I hope you’ve got some ideas on how to dress for a winter party. Now select your theme and start experimenting with what you have to create the best winter party outfit.  


Shanzay Aziz