Best Time To Shop Online Of Year | Don’t Miss These Sales

What are the best months for online shopping? Of course when huge sales are going on! But when do these huge sales occur? We’re going to tell you what are the biggest sales here in the UAE and when do they go live. So let’s see when you’ve to shop to get the most discount. You can save on the best time to shop online.

Biggest sales of the year in UAE: 

We’re listing the biggest sales of the year that are held in the UAE and other Arab countries like Kuwait and KSA.  

  1. New year’s sale: 

Happy New Year Sales and Discount

As the new year starts many e-commerce sites offer a sale These sales have no particular time limit. Every store decides on its own. Usually, these sales can just be for one day (1st January) or they can go a week-long as well. It totally depends on the online store. 

Keep in mind that not all online shopping sites offer new year’s sales because it comes after a huge Christmas sale. And most people shop for the new year and Christmas together. So some stores start their sales campaign in the holiday season (in December, which includes both Christmas and new year’s sales) and end on 1st January. 

   2. Valentine’s day: 

        Date: 14 February

valentines day Sales and Discounts

Just after January the next month holds Valentine’s day. Stores offer sales to encourage people to buy from their site. This sale might not be on all products like electronics and other stuff but many items will be on sale relevant to the occasion. 


   3. Mother’s day: 

       Date: 8 May

In May a special sale is observed on this special day. Again there might not be sales on all products and the duration also depends upon the site. But it’s also a good time to shop for your favorite products.

Here’s a tip: If you’re not in a hurry to buy something and if any sale is near, just add the products to your cart and shop when the sale goes live. Find out more online shopping tips here. 

   4. Father’s day:

       Date: Third Sunday of June

The next month, June accounts for father’s day. A special day on which people shop gifts for their fathers. So to make that easy and attract more customers many sites offer sales. 

   5. Halloween: 

      Date: 31 October 

Another special occasion in October that can help you save money is Halloween. Many sites hold sales and special offers before Halloween. Look out for them and don’t miss this chance of saving.

   6. Black Friday: 

       Date: Fourth Friday of November

Who doesn’t know about Black Friday? It’s one of the biggest sales of the year and mostly the discounts are on entire stock. Many different sites name it differently like noon call it yellow Friday, some call it white Friday, blessed Friday and the list goes on. But the idea is the same.

  7. Christmas sale / Holiday sale: 

The holiday season has come. 25 December will be Christmas day and then new year celebrations will be on top of the world. Every online store offers a huge sale at this time. Many sites propose combined sales for Christmas and new year under the name of Holiday sales. It goes up till 1 January mostly. 

   8. Eid-ul-Fitr and Ramazan sale: 

Here comes another event that brings a huge sale with it. Ramazan and Eid-ul-Fitr are 2 related festivals. Throughout the month of Ramazan different sales are going on, on different online stores. And at the end of Ramazan Eid sales start to takeover. These are one the best times of the year to shop online.  

  9. Eid-ul-Adha:

After Ramazan and Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated almost after 2 months. This is a big and special occasion and so are the sales. Every online site will be having sales as people shop a lot during this time. 

 10. UAE’s national day: 

UAE National day Sales and Discounts (Best time online shop in UAE)

      2nd December is the day when emirates unified in 1971 and mark the formal nationalization of the UAE. This day is celebrated every year under the name of UAE’s National day. The grand celebrations are arranged in all 7 states of the UAE. On this very special occasion, online sites of the UAE offer a grand scale. 

  11. Kuwait national day: 

Kuwait National day sale ( Best time to shop in Kuwait)

    25 February is celebrated as the national day in Kuwait. This is the date when Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah held the throne in 1950. He was the ruler when Kuwait got independence in June 1961. So the independence is also celebrated on 25 Feb each year. 

As this is a major day for the nationals everywhere celebrations are going on and so online stores offer a great sale in Kuwait. 

 12. Saudi National Day:

KSA National Day Sale (Best time to shop in KSA)

       In Saudi Arabia, 23 September is a holiday every year as this day is celebrated as Saudi National day. On this date in 1932 the great King Abdulaziz officially announced Saudi Arabia as a kingdom. So just like everywhere in the world Saudis celebrate this day with their heart out. And you can enjoy great sales as well. 

13. Special days of online stores: 

Some online stores celebrate their anniversary and they put up a sale to celebrate it. If you got a chance to shop through that sale don’t miss out cause they don’t arrange it every year. 

So these were some major events and days when you can expect huge sales. Now let’s answer some questions. 

So what are the best months for online shopping?

The best months are when we can have huge sales and the biggest sale of the year occurs in November (Black Friday) and December (holiday season). Also, Eid and Ramazan sales are also huge so those months are also one the best to shop online. 

And what’s the best time of the day to shop online?

Well from a savings point of view time of the day doesn’t affect at all. But it’s said that if you want your order early or on time shop in the morning for there will be less traffic of shoppers. And so it’ll be easy for the store to process your order.

These were the biggest sales of the year and the peak online shopping months. It’s best to shop during a sale as you can get discounts on many products. However, you can still avail of some discount or just double it up during a sale. 

How? By using our coupons and discount codes. We’ve discount codes and coupons for all the famous online stores in the UAE and other Arab countries. You can find your desired store here. Best time to shop online.

Happy Online Shopping!

Shanzay Aziz