Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips To Maximize Your Savings

Black Friday 2022 is on 25 November. The grand sale of the year is around the corner. Are you excited to shop and fill up your cart? What if I tell you, you can save more on this sale than just the discount? 

I’ve compiled some tips and tricks that’ll help you save more money and make the whole shopping experience more pleasant. Here are my top 10 Black Friday shopping tips to maximize savings.

Black Friday shopping tips: 

  1. Set a budget and plan: 

All the shoppers out there, tell me this. How difficult is it to stop yourself from buying when wherever you go the only thing you see is “Sale, Sale, Sale”? 

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You automatically give your money. And then you overspend, and instead of saving you’re now short on budget. 

To stop that from happening you should set a budget and plan. Set a budget first and let’s start planning then. 

Plan what you want to buy. Make a list of everything you want to buy this Black Friday. Don’t just think about fashion, consider other aspects of your life as well like home appliances, electronics, kitchen, and your room. Now stick to the list and the budget, don’t buy anything extra, and don’t go over the budget. 

  1. Save in advance: 

Black Friday is worth the hype. It has got some incredible deals. You shouldn’t miss this chance. You can literally get stuff for the coming year for a lot less than its actual cost and save a lot this way. 

A great tip here is to save for Black Friday. Start saving a little 2 to 3 months in advance so you end up with an ample amount in November to spend on Black Friday. Do some heavy shopping for the coming year. It’ll look like you’ve spent a lot but if you do some math you’ll realize you’ve actually saved. 

  1. Know the actual price: 

Was 300$ 

Now 200$ 

Don’t just trust these tags. Use price comparison sites like Camel Camel Camel. It tells you the price of a product throughout the year and what is it now, so you can see how much discount you’re actually getting. 

Know the actual price of Black Friday items


  1. Buy from reputable brands and stores: 

Many people complain that Black Friday products are of lower quality and that companies and stores scam you. Well, some might do that but not every store and company does that. 

To avoid such mishaps always shop from a reputable and known brand or company whether you’re online or in-store. Don’t shop from a random online site that you’ve never seen before, just because they’re offering a great discount. 

  1. Join Amazon Prime’s 30-day free trial: 

Amazon is definitely the go-to shopping site and their Black Friday deals are also pretty amazing. However Amazon Prime is a completely different thing, especially on Black Friday, they offer incredible offers to their members. 

Their next-day delivery service, Amazon Prime videos, and all their exclusive features bring your shopping experience to the next level.

Amazon Prime offers a 30-day free trial so if you’re not a member, then this is the best time to take this trial. You’ll get access to their exclusive Black Friday offers. You gotta experience this girl!

  1. Look for Coupons and Discount Codes: 

Imagine you buy something from a sale and you get an additional discount on that! It always feels so good and coupons and discount codes help you get that. On Black Friday maximize your savings like this. 

Eshaalmart is also offering you coupons and discount codes for various stores (for free, no sign-up or anything required) check it out now. 

  1. Sign up to the sites and create your accounts: 

If you don’t have an account on any site that you plan to shop from, create one now. 

Sites slow down a lot on Black Friday due to the huge traffic they receive. So it’s better to create your account now, so you can smoothly complete your purchase later. 

  1. Save on the delivery charges:  

If you’re buying a lot of stuff from 1 site like Amazon or Noon it’s better not to get it delivered to your doorstep. Save on the delivery charges and get your parcels from the pick-up point. In this way, you can save the delivery fee that you’ll have to pay as you’ll be ordering from different vendors. 

  1. Stay updated on social media: 

A lot of brands start promoting their deals a week ago and some promote throughout November, and all this promotion happens on social media.

The best Black Friday deals get sold out the fastest and a lot of people don’t even get to know about them. You don’t want to be one of them. So stay updated on social media. And follow your favorite brands and companies. 

A tip here is to save their deal posts so you don’t forget and create your own collection of deals that you want to consider.

  1. Don’t ignore Cyber Monday: 

If you don’t get the deal you wanted on Black Friday check the social media and online stores on Cyber Monday as well. There’s a chance you find a good deal. 


These were the top 10 Black Friday shopping tips to maximize your savings. Let’s start planning for the big sale from today so we can shop mindfully. And don’t forget to use the discount codes and coupons. 


Happy Black Friday Shopping!


Shanzay Aziz