Is Noon Website Legit? Should Buy From Noon? Let’s Find


Noon doesn’t return the money. They have very bad customer service. I received the wrong order. Is Noon’s website Legit?

You might have heard these types of reviews about And you’re probably afraid to risk your money on online shopping. Have you heard mixed reviews about noon? Yeah, there’s a lot of confusion on the Internet. So let’s see in detail whether noon is trustworthy or not. 

A little background of Noon: 

If you’re a resident of the UAE you might know Mohammed Alabbar. He’s one of the biggest entrepreneurs and businessmen in the UAE. He’s the chairman of Emaar Properties, the company that manufactured gigantic buildings like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. 

This man, Mohammed Alabbar is the founder of Despite everything, noon is one of the most famous and fastest-growing e-commerce stores in the UAE. It’s the biggest competitor of Amazon. ae. 

Is legit and trustworthy? 

Google noon, and you’ll find their website. Search them on Instagram. You’ll find their account. Look at their LinkedIn profile. Look for their Facebook page, you’ll see it. In short, they’re all over social media.

So the background of noon and the fact that they’re on every social media platform, confirms that noon isn’t a scam. It’s a legit site that’s actively working in the whole UAE. 

Let’s analyze noon’s website and its services: 

Ok, so one thing is clear the site is legit. Now we have to look at its services. And find out if you should order from noon or not. 

User Interface: 

The website is designed pretty well. It’s easy to navigate and looks good as well. Their site is mobile-friendly. They also have an app. And sometimes there are app-only deals as well. The website has a fast loading speed and the overall build is great. 

Products and prices: 

Noon has some high-quality products and major brands as well. Branded products are original. And many people have even purchased electronic items and apple products. Most reviews say they received the original product. But always check the reviews of the product and the seller’s overall store rating before buying. 

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Shipping fee: 

Ah! Who doesn’t hate shipping fees? 

Thankfully noon provides free shipping on express items if you shop for AED 100 or more. Non-express items do have little delivery charges mostly AED 10. 

Payment options: 

Noon allows you to pay through the following options,


  • Credit card 
  • Debit card
  • Cash on delivery 
  • Apple pay (if it’s available in your country)   

These are all major options usually used for online payments. And if you’re worried about your transactional information, don’t. Because noon clearly states that they don’t store any transactional information on their devices and the whole process is an end to end encrypted. 


Noon seems like the fastest delivery site in the UAE. They claim to deliver all the express items the next day. And non-express items within a week or so.  

Noon YFS delivery Service

Express items are those that are already present in noon’s warehouse. Noon packs it and delivers it to you. It’s not done by the seller. So this seems a better and safe option.  


You’ll receive your order in the bright yellow color packet. It’s so minimal with noon’s logo on it but the color makes it look great. If your order is fragile it’ll have a seal on top, indicating its fragility. And thus it’s carried more carefully. 

Inside the yellow packet, there will be necessary wrapping to protect the product. 

Return and refund policy: 

Before ordering anything, read the return policy. Some items are nonrefundable including groceries. So check that before ordering. 

If you want to return any product you’ve 15 days after delivery to file a return. Here you can read noon’s return policy directly from their site. 

After filing a return you can get your refund. Noon gives it in your noon wallet, but you can transfer it to your bank account. Read refund policies here

But what about bad reviews? 

So the thing is everyone has different experiences with online stores. 

We can classify most negative reviews into the following 3 categories,


  • The customer support isn’t good at all. 
  • I received the wrong product or the damaged one.
  • I’m unable to return my product or I’m unable to get a refund. 

But at the same time, there are a lot of people who have received the right products on time. And many have returned and got refunded successfully within 2 to 4 days. Many people have bought electronic items as well and are happy with their purchases,

Almost every e-commerce store has some bad sellers or sometimes mishap happens. This is more with new sites. It takes time to manage everything and to get on track. 

So what to do now? Should you buy from noon or not? 

In our opinion whenever you’re shopping online, your product selection matters a lot. The next heading will contain some tips to help you have a smooth online shopping experience, especially at noon. 

Select the right product and minimize the chances of trouble: 

If you look at the 3 classes of negative reviews it’s all about return, refund, and after-sales process. So the easiest way is to avoid returning scenarios. For this, you’ve to select the right product. 

Always read reviews of the product and the seller’s rating. Also, prefer express items because noon itself is handling everything from packaging to delivery. So there’s no chance that the seller was bad or a fraud that messed up everything. 


Noon is the competitor of Amazon but comparably new. And if we look at the data noon and amazon. ae have almost equal visitors which means it’s growing and people are using it. Moreover, if you look at the comments on their Instagram post you’ll see that they’ve replied to every complaint. This indicates they’re improving their services and know their customer’s concerns.

So buy from noon but be mindful of everything and select the right product which has good reviews. And to save some money you can always use our discount codes. 


Happy online Shopping!

Shanzay Aziz