How To Find Your Personal Style | 11 Tips By Experts

Know your personal style! Dress according to your style, it boosts your confidence!

If you’re a fashionista you would have heard experts saying these words. But, you don’t know what your style is. Finding your style seems fun at the start but it’s an overwhelming process. People lose track in between and never really understand their style. That’s why we’re presenting you with 11 tips from experts to find your personal style. 

Let’s dig in. 

What is a personal style and why is it important to know? 

Your personal style reflects you, not the fashion trends that are going on right now.

Style simply means expression. Your style represents you. Just like your writing, talking and walking styles represent you. They’re unique to you.

In fashion, personal style means expressing yourself through colors, design, fabric, hairstyle, accessories, makeup, or simply your outfit. It represents you, your creativity, your fashion sense, and your likes and dislikes. Personal style doesn’t have to follow the latest fashion trends. It’s all about what you like to wear and how you style it. 

Now let’s talk a little about why it’s important to know your fashion style. Have you seen anyone who wears specific colors or designs and looks great? Whether they’re following trends or not, the reason why they can pull those outfits is that it’s their style. When you dress according to your personal style you look good. You feel more confident, you feel like yourself. 

10 Tips to find your personal style: 

Before we jump in you should know this is not an overnight process. You’ll have to give it time. You’ll pass through a trial and error process. However, if you just keep trying to figure it out, you’ll eventually accomplish that. 

  1. Take a style quiz: 

Starting with a style quiz is a good option. The questions give you a little clarity on your likes and dislikes. However, you can’t completely rely on it. Style quizzes can’t be 100% accurate so you have to do some work yourself. 

  1. Observe your wardrobe: 

Start with your closet first. Take out the clothes that you like wearing, those that make you comfortable and you feel yourself in them. See what they have in common, whether it’s the color, fit, fabric, or design. Ask yourself what’s the particular thing in this outfit that makes you like it. 

You can also do the same thing with the clothes you don’t like at all. Observe them and try to find what’s the particular thing about them that you don’t like. This will clear your mind about what your style isn’t. 

  1. Look around: 

After observing your own closet it’s time to take some inspiration. Start with the people around you. There will be someone in your circle whose fashion style you admire. Think about what type of clothes they wear, the colors, design, accessories, and how they style them. 

If you like someone’s style it doesn’t always mean it’s your style as well. Ask yourself would you like to dress like that? If the answer is yes then it’s good and if it’s no then it’s not your sty;e. You’re liking that look because it suits that person. It’s their style and the way they’ve pulled it looks great on them. 

  1. Look on social media: 

Now, look for inspiration wherever you can, social media, fashion magazines, TV, and fashion shows. Find a celebrity or influencer whose style resonates with you and not just you like it. Means you would like to dress like that. See their every outfit from casual to professional and party wear. You can also follow the designer, it’ll also help you in getting your inspiration. 

Observe their dresses and answer the same question. What’s the particular thing that’s making me resonate with it? Is it the vibe, fit, colors, or specific style?  

  1. Don’t just focus on clothes: 

Look at the overall look. You know small details make such a big difference. So also pay attention to the jewelry and other accessories they’re wearing. Observe them the same way you’re observing the clothes. 

  1. Don’t copy, get inspired: 

Wait, we’re talking about taking inspiration not copying others. Don’t copy someone else cause it won’t be your style. You’re not recreating the look you’re trying to find your style. See what you’re liking in that look: clothes, hairstyle, makeup, design, colors, or the vibe, and incorporate that into your style. 

  1. Create a fashion mood board: 

If you think your style is getting all over the place and you can’t see a pattern in it, then visuals will help you. Create a fashion mood board. A normal push pinboard will do the work. Gather the pictures that inspired you and place everything on your board. Now it’ll be easier for you to see patterns in your choices. 

You’ll notice things like neutral or bright colors, baggy or skinny clothes, and monochrome, or printed designs. 

Although a fashion mood board is a great option and it looks cool as well but here’s an alternative. You can just take screenshots of every dress you like and analyze them later. This won’t be as smooth and easy but it’s definitely possible. 

  1. Remove the unwanted clothes:

At this point, you’ll have a general idea of what your style is. Now keep your fashion mood board in mind and start cleaning up your wardrobe. Remove all those clothes that are not in accordance with your personal style. Also, remove the torn and unfit clothes. 

Don’t be disappointed if a lot of your clothes don’t match your fashion style. 

  1. Try a capsule wardrobe: 

Now, what is a capsule closet? A capsule closet means a wardrobe consisting of only neutral and basic colors. Like denim jeans, white and black tops, and beige or navy blue crop tops. You can mix and match them to create different looks. Even if your personal style doesn’t completely consist of neutrals you can still use them as a foundation and add your colors over it. 

Having a capsule closet doesn’t mean you’ll only have neutral colors. Keep the clothes you like as well. So now your wardrobe will have neutral colors, and other dresses that you like and are according to your style.

  1. Have some signature pieces:

It’s good to have 1 or 2 signature pieces. You can style them in different ways to ensure you’re going according to your style. Your signature piece can be tucked-in shirts, sweatshirts, crop tops, or maybe dresses. 

But how will you decide on your signature piece? 

You can’t select this at once. When you’ll start following your personal style you’ll see yourself wearing some pieces repeatedly. That’ll be your signature piece. Here’s how you can make it easy. Every time you dress, take a picture of yourself and save it in a folder. Just like the fashion mood board, these visuals will help you in deciding. 

  1. Experiment, experiment, and experiment: 

You have a general idea of your style. Your wardrobe is ready. Now mix and match the prints and colors to create new looks. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fashion. Remember it’s a trial and error process. Some looks will look great while others won’t but if you keep trying you’ll eventually understand the fashion science. 

3 Questions to ask yourself when finding your style:

Whenever you’re observing any dress or look that you like ask yourself these 3 questions, 

  1. Why do I like it? (Give the particular reason) 
  2. Would I like to wear it? (Not every outfit that we like is what we would wear. Sometimes we’re just admiring it as it looks good on the other person). 
  3. Will I be comfortable in it and feel like myself? 

Are you afraid to change your style suddenly? 

If yes, then start by taking baby steps. First, change the colors and the design. Then add accessories and other details. Slowly integrate everything like socks, makeup, and handbag. 


Personal style represents you. It shows your likes and dislikes and you feel like yourself in it. Finding your fashion style is a journey of trial and error process. It’s all about experimenting with new and old fashion trends, mixing them, and creating your own style.

Shanzay Aziz