Shop From 10 Best Online Sites of UAE

 So, you just landed in the UAE. Excited to explore and shop? However, COVID is still here but we don’t want you to miss out on your shopping. So, we’re going to tell you about the 10 most famous and trusted online Shopping sites of UAE so you can shop your favorite products straight from your couch. 

online shopping sites of UAE

So, let’s get into UAE’s online shopping world. 

List of 10 most popular online shopping sites of UAE:

  • Noon:
    Noon is a big name. It’s one of the most famous online stores in the UAE. Everything from fashion and beauty to electronics and mobile phones is available at noon. UAE,KSA and Egypt

Some major brands like Nike, Samsung, Mothercare, Dior, Gucci, Adidas, Reebok, and Apple are also present at noon. Here are some specs of this website.

  • Reasonable prices.
  • Fast delivery usually within 1 or 2 days.
  • Brands are available in all categories.
  • Variety of products in every category.
  • Customer support and return policy are available.

Noon seems like an amazing online site but people have different experiences. Some people have faced problems in recovering their money after returning the product. Some people trust noon like amazon and some don’t recommend it. 

So it’s better to see the reviews of the product and the seller’s rating before buying. If it’s all-star then you might not have any problem, or you can buy branded products as well. 

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  • Souq/Amazon ae:

Souq, which is now owned by Amazon. Is a tough competitor of Noon. If you see anyone talking about souq now they’re actually talking about Amazon ae.  

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You can shop international products from Amazon (Souq). This gives it an edge over noon. People having issues with noon mostly turn towards Amazon. As they have an easy return policy. 

Amazon doesn’t ship for free. They’ve got a fee that is different for heavy and light products. But you can enjoy some discounts by using our coupons and deals. Check it out here.       

  • Shein: 

Shein is the best site for clothes and fashion. Both men’s and women’s apparel are available at Shein. The ordering process is pretty easy and Shein is a brand so there is very little chance of any mishap.    

Shein UAE

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  • Namshi: 

Namshi only offers brands so their products are genuine. According to their website, every product is from the original brand. You’ll find women, men, and kids’ clothes along with beauty products. 


They claim to deliver your order within 1 to 3 working days. Also, they provide 30% off on your first order

Payment and ordering processes are very simple. You can pay through your card or through COD.  

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  • Dubizzle:

A home for buying and selling used goods. Dubizzle works like a matchmaker. You can contact the seller to negotiate and to discuss the picking point. You can find electronics, real estate, mobiles, shoes, toys, and many more things. Not just items but you can also find jobs at Dubizzle. 

  • Ubuy:

Ubuy is another trusted site in UAE. People have given good reviews about it on different platforms like Google shopping and Trustpilot. You can shop internationally from Ubuy. Their customer support is available 24/7. 


As for the delivery time, there are 2 types of products fulfilled and unfulfilled. According to their website, fulfilled products can take up to 9 working days. Whereas unfulfilled products can take 40 days. They deliver the product as soon as they receive it from the seller.

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  • Carrefour UAE:

It’s an online supermarket that allows you to order groceries and daily household items online. You can simply download their mobile app through google play or the app store. You’ll get a MyClub number which will enable you to avail of their offers and discounts. 

It seems like their customer support isn’t so good. Many of their customers have complained about this in the comments of their Instagram posts. However, you’ll find them responding to every complaint on Instagram.  

Who doesn’t know about H&M? The good news is this international brand is also working in the UAE. You’ll find clothes for women, kids, and men. There’s also a section for beauty products and home decor. 


Right now they are offering free delivery if you order more than AED149. But our deals are always here to save your money. 

Another international brand is delivering actively in the UAE. As the holiday season is going on, bath and body works are having a sale. They’re offering Buy 1 get 1 free offer for a limited time. This seems like the perfect time to shop. 

Bath & Body Works AE SA KW BH

Also, they offer free delivery on orders above AED99 and claim to deliver within 1 to 2 days. What else do you want? Oh yeah, additional discount? We have it here.

The last online store on this list is the American eagle. They have developed a mobile app and are offering 10% off on ordering from the app.  If you shop over AED149 then you’ll get free delivery. Their delivery time is again 1 to 2 working days. 

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UAE is the hub of shoppers. Considering this there are many online shopping sites. Some are specific to some products and some like Amazon, offer everything. 

We tried to mention the top online sites in UAE but remember there are many more. Enjoy your shopping but check the reviews before buying anything. And you can freely use our discount codes to save some money. 

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Shanzay Aziz