17 Best Tips For Shop tension-free Online Shopping

Let me guess, If you’re here then you might be afraid of getting scammed in online shopping or you probably want to find the right product at reasonable prices.

Everyone has some experience with it. At least after COVID. But you might probably have a bad experience in the online world of shopping. 

We’ve prepared this article to help you find the right thing at the lowest price without getting scammed. So let’s jump to the 17 tips for shopping online safely and easily. 

17 Best tips for online shopping: 

   1. Shop from a trustworthy site

Your number 1 lesson for online shopping is never to buy from any unknown sites. There are many big and famous names where you can shop. Don’t ever buy from a random unknown site that popped up on your search engine. 

If you don’t know what online sites are here in UAE, have a look at this article to find out. 

   2 Don’t buy from any random seller:

In the offline world, you go to any shop that has your desired product. If the price matches your budget you buy it. That’s not the case in the online world. You can’t go to any seller and buyer. Check the product’s reviews. If there are no reviews check the seller’s overall ratings. If the feedback is positive then you can consider that merchant. 

It’s better if you find any seller who has a physical shop. They can be trusted and if anything goes wrong you can directly visit them.

    3. Check the shipping fee: 

Before buying anything check the delivery fee. Because sometimes the fee is so high that the overall cost of the product rises a lot.  

   4. Read return policies: 

You need to read the return policy of the site. In case you want to return the product you should know how much time do you have and what’s the procedure. 

   5. COD is the best: 

There are many tips to protect your transactional information while shopping online. But if you’re not a very busy person and COD (cash on delivery) suits you then go for it. 

There are many cases in which there’s no order received after payment or a random object is received. COD ensures that this doesn’t happen. You’ll pay when you’ll get your delivery. 

   6. Don’t tell whatever they ask: 

Websites need some information for placing your order like address, phone number, email, and payment method. They don’t need your social security number or any other personal information. If the site asks for some really personal stuff, back off. 

  7. Buy multiple products from the same store: 

All the discount seekers, here’s our first discount tip for online shopping. It doesn’t feel good to pay delivery charges, right? So to reduce that try buying multiple products from the same seller. In this way either your delivery fee will be what was for one product or it will be decreased more. 

  8. Be careful with gift cards: 

Again we’ll say the same thing, don’t buy your gift cards from any site you find. Make sure you purchase it from a reputable website and read their terms and conditions. If you buy from anywhere there’s no guarantee that the gift card will be legit and it’s not been used before. 

  9. Check the URL

If you notice all the URLs start from “HTTPS:” instead of HTTP: This additional “s” indicates that this website has SSL (secure sockets layer). For any website to be trusted by Google these small “s” need to be there. Or else Google considers them insecure sites. So if you come across any new site check the URL for that little. 

  10. Avail of those coupons and discounts: 

Don’t tell me you haven’t used any discount code. What are you doing? 

This is a very easy way to get some extra discount. You just have to enter the coupon code in the box that’ll be on your screen when you’ll pay. And that’s it you’ll see a decrease in price.

We have discount links and coupons for a variety of online sites in the UAE. Make sure to secure some extra discount.  

  11. Avoid unrealistic offers: 

If you come across a random offer or sale that seems too good to be true chances are it is. Chances are high that it’s a scam. If you see such an ad or receive any text or email from a reputable site don’t believe that ad or text. Go to the site and check it. If it’s there it means it’s true and if it will be a scam you won’t find that on the website. 

  12. Create strong passwords for your account: 

Have you noticed that every e-commerce site wants you to create your account before ordering? That’s necessary now and to protect your account you should create strong passwords. Sometimes we also put our cash in our personal wallets that websites provide. You need to protect it.

 13. Save your order and tracking number:

Keep a record of all your order and tracking numbers. In case you want to return the product or anything goes wrong, the customer service representative will ask these 2 things. 

  14. Shop at the right time: 

We all know there will be a sale on Black Friday and during the holiday season. We know the occasions when there will be a sale. So if you’re not in hurry and any sale isn’t months away then add your products to the cart. And order when the sale goes live. 

  15. The earlier you shop the better: 

This tip is also related to sales. Whenever there’s a sale going try to order as early as you can. During sales, there are a lot of orders, especially in the end. Some orders get late due to workload. So if you want your product to be on time, order early. 

  16. Shop through credit card: 

It is always suggested to make your online shopping transactions from a credit card. It usually has more security protection than a debit card. 

  17. Dedicate a separate account for online shopping: 

If you shop online a lot and you fear your money then try this. Dedicate a separate PayPal account or credit card for online shopping. If anything goes wrong as your transactional information gets in the wrong hands, your all money won’t be at risk. 

We have shared all our tips and tricks for online shopping. The biggest thing isn’t to buy from a random site. Always choose the known and reputable ones. You can also read their customer’s reviews on the internet. 

And while selecting the product make sure to read reviews and the seller’s ratings. 

Happy Online Shopping!

Shanzay Aziz