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Let’s say you want to buy a new camera or mobile. What will you do to get the best price? Scroll through every online platform to see which one’s offering the best price and the value. That’s a great trick to save money but, it’s a lot of work. Going from site to site takes a long time. An easy way to do that is through price comparison Websites.

Here we’ve mentioned the best price comparison websites that’ll make your online shopping easier. 

What are price comparison websites?

Price comparison websites work as a search engines. 

When you give them a product to search for, they take it from all the available online sites that are offering it and present it to you on the screen. This allows you to compare price, shipping cost, and different other aspects of a product from different sellers. All this is on a single page. 

Why use price comparison websites? 

Whatever we’re buying, one of the main concerns is price. We want the best quality at the lowest possible price. If you’re a shopping person you would definitely have heard the word comparison shopping. In comparison shopping, you compare the prices and the quality of the product offered by different sellers in the market. This is done pretty commonly in day-to-day shopping. 

For online shopping, you can go to all the sites one by one to see the prices. However, it is a hectic process. Comparison sites are making this technique easy to use in the digital world as they present everything on one page. 

price comparison websites

11 best price comparison sites: 

So here are the 11 comparison sites for 3 different regions. If your country isn’t mentioned here you can use the first 3 sites as they’re global. Or you can search on Google “Comparison sites (your country)”.  It’ll show you the sites operating in your region. 

Note: The sites mentioned here are not in any order of excellence or betterment. 

  1. Google Shopping

The number one search engine Google has a price comparison engine as well. Its previous name was Google product search. This is one of the most famous comparison sites for shoppers.  

It’s also pretty famous among retailers so you can expect almost all available vendors to be here. 

Google shopping is pretty simple to use and you can sort the products based on the price and retailers. 

     2. Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo is also a search engine and it also incorporates a price comparison engine. Yahoo shopping works in a similar way as Google shopping does. You simply put your product in the search bar and press the enter key. It’ll show you the product sold by different sellers.

     3. Camel Camel Camel

If you love shopping on Amazon and want to compare prices from their vendors then this site is for you. The engine compares the prices of all the sellers on Amazon and presents you with the available options. 

It displays the average price of the product, the current price that the individual seller is offering, and the price drop. The price drop is a great insight for competitor sellers but not for buyers. 

    Price comparison sites for the UK:

     4. Idealo is a great price comparison engine if you’re living in the UK. Here you can find all the international brands like Amazon and Alibaba and local online sites as well. 

The site not only shows the cost of the product but the shipping price as well. This is great for shoppers as you can compare products based on the final amount you’ll have to pay. 

Idealo’s interface is pretty simple and the site is easy to use. Just one search will show you a page full of products. By clicking any product you can see its description, reviews, and more photos if available.

    5. Skinflint UK :

Another price comparison site for the UK. Skinflint is not only limited to the United Kingdom but you can also select for Europe, Germany, Poland, and Austria. It also works in a similar way as Idealo does. 

    6. Price runner

Price runner allows you to compare prices of the top brands of the UK. The interface is fresh and catchy and the site provides a great user experience with a modern touch. 

Other than price, description, and reviews; it also shows you the directions of the physical store if the owner has. This is an amazing feature that differentiates it from the other sites.

Price comparison sites for Australia: 

    7. Gimmie Shopping

Gimmie shopping helps you compare the prices in the following categories: TVs, dryers, washers, furniture, computer, tablets, gaming stuff, and beds. They do have other products as well but these are their major categories. 

The site is built well and contains no ads. This provides a great user experience and the company feels honored in doing so. 

Price comparison sites for the Middle East: 

     8. Pricena

Pricena is a price comparison engine for the Middle East. It has all the major brands (like, carrefour, noon, GAP and Ounass). When you search for a product a page will appear. It’ll have the same product from all the websites that are offering it. 

They also have an app that’s top-rated on Google play.

      9. Alprice : 

Just as you’ll open this site you’ll see many products, especially electronics on the homepage. Their prices on different sites will be mentioned as well. 

According to their site, they’re operating in the UAE and other Middle East countries. Their top categories revolve around electronics.

    10. GoBazzar

Other than working in the Middle East it’s also functional in the UK and US. It also has all the top brands and big names on the platform. 

The interface and design is pretty decent. One search will lead you to the page showcasing products from different websites. If you click an individual product you can see its specs and the price comparison of all the sites offering it.

    11. Yaoota

Another price comparing search engines for the Middle East is Yaoota. The design is pretty simple and the site offers different brands. Yaoota’s app is also available for both iPhone and Android. 


These are the 11 price comparison sites that you can try based on where you’re living. This is not what’s all out there. There are more sites and tools available as well. We’ve mentioned a few prominent names here. So feel free to explore more and make your online shopping experience better and easier.


Shanzay Aziz