12 Comfortable Yet Stylish Outfit Ideas For Travelling

I know you want those cute and chic travel photos. But it’s necessary to choose the right outfit to get the perfect picture. But we aren’t going to wear much makeup, jewelry, and high heels. We want to be comfortable on our long flights, right? Here’s how you can dress cute, stylish yet comfortable to the airport. Simple outfits like trousers/pants or leggings with shirts look absolute chic if you style them properly. So here are our 12 outfit ideas for travelling.

Tip: Your hair, makeup, and other small details play a great role. Even if you want to make a bun or a ponytail do it neatly (unless you are going for a messy bun). 

Travel outfit ideas for travelling in summer: 

Let’s start with the summer first. 

     1. Crop top with pants: 

Again it’s a pretty simple outfit that is perfect for summer. Go with any pants you like and complete the outfit with a crop top for the bottom. Here you can change the vibe by choosing your colors and design. Here are some options for you,

  • Go with basic jeans or dress pants. 
  • Black crop tops with white pants also look great. 
  • Try monochrome as well. 
  • Shades of the same color look great as well.


     2 . Sweatshirt and leggings: 

Sweatshirts and leggings make an effortless and comfortable outfit. This is something that you wear in your home. However, this outfit is great for traveling as well. The chic vibes it gives, put a charm to your whole look. 

     3. Jumpsuit: 

Jumpsuits are easy to style and look smart. Just wear your favorite jumpsuit and you’re done with your outfit. Do your hair and a little bit of makeup. Add accessories if you’re comfortable with that and your flight is not too long. Pair it with classic white sneakers and you’re good to step out of your house. 

     4. Button-down shirt and skinny pants: 

Here’s a very casual and everyday look. However, it can look picture perfect if you style it the right way. Take out your skinny jeans and pair them with any button-down shirt. If you want to go with a classic look choose a white or black shirt. 

Now here are several ways you can style this outfit,

  • Tie a knot at the front of the shirt.
  • Tuck your shirt loosely. 
  • Just tuck it in from the front.
  • Tuck it in neatly 
  • Leave the shirt as it is. Neither tuck it nor tie the knot. 

Tip: Rolling up the sleeves and putting your wristwatch on add a little fun to the look. 

     5. T-shirt/top with jeans or leggings and a button-down shirt: 

This is a modified version of the above look. For the bottom go with skinny jeans or your comfortable leggings. Pair it with your favorite top or t-shirt. Add a layer of a button-down shirt. Leave the buttons open and your outfit is complete. 

You can also tie your shirt at the waist for style. 

     6. Shorts with a button-down shirt or a top: 

Shorts are an essential part of summer outfits. So let’s wear them for our flight. 

In summer you can pair your shorts with a button-down shirt and tuck it from the front to style it. Or you can wear your favorite top or blouse instead of the shirt. Both outfits are comfortable for traveling and look great.

    7. Leggings, a basic t-shirt, and a denim jacket:

This is a super comfortable and effortless outfit. Pair your leggings with your favorite t-shirt. Layer it up with a denim jacket. This outfit is definitely not for extreme summers. However, it’ll be great for fall. The denim will keep you warm and if it gets too warm you can take it off. 

Travel outfit ideas for travelling in winter: 

Now let’s see what you can wear in winter for your flight.

     8. Leather jacket and jeans: 

Pretty basic, effortless yet a dope outfit perfect for winter. This look will keep you warm and make you look stylish at the same time. Add a cap or beanie to keep your head warm and enhance the look. 

     9. Oversized sweater with jeans: 

Here’s a comfortable and baggy look. Get in your oversized sweater and wear your jeans. You can tuck the sweater in or leave it as it is. See what you like more and what’s comfortable for you. 

     10. Sweater jeans and coat: 

Wear your favorite sweater and pair it with jeans. Layer it up with a long coat. Let the coat buttons be open if it’s not too cold. This will enhance the style. Your look is complete now. Accessorize the outfit with a scarf or a beanie if you want.

     11. Hoodie with pants or trousers:

How can we forget our hoodies? They’re soft, comfortable, and warm. Hoodies are one of the most common travel outfits in winter. Just grab your favorite hoodie and wear it with your pants or trousers. The monochrome look of hoodies and trousers is in trend these days.

     12. Trench coat with pants and basic shirt: 

A basic shirt or sweater, paired with pants and layered with a trench coat looks amazing. This outfit is pretty common in winter and looks incredible. Let the buttons be open and click your travel photos. 

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So these were the 12 comfortable travel outfit ideas that are classic as well. We’ve listed outfits for both the summer and winter seasons.  Most of the styles that we shared are either everyday looks or loungewear.

Here, the key to looking picture-perfect is to pay attention to small details. For example, your hair, makeup, and accessories. Don’t just stick to what we shared. Mix and match these outfits to create a new one that matches your style. 

Now you know how to look stylish during your travel. So start packing up your bags and have a comfortable flight. 

Enjoy your journey!

Shanzay Aziz