13 Tips To Buy Women’s Dress Online With Returns

Chilling in your comfy bed and scrolling through shopping sites is fun. You see a lot of pretty dresses and clothes. It’s all pleasant until you are scrolling with the intention of buying. Because shopping online for women’s clothes online is difficult. 

There are a lot of risks involved here. What if the fabric isn’t what I expected? What if the size doesn’t fit me? What if the quality isn’t good? The fear of losing your money and the hassle of returning it is frightening. 

That’s why we’re presenting 13 tips that’ll make your women’s online clothes shopping experience better and easier. 

13 tips for shopping for women’s clothes online: 

Let’s say you’ve selected the dress that you want. Now here are the things you should consider before buying it. 

  1. Measure yourself first: 

If you don’t exactly know your measurements then get a measuring tape and a person to help you out and measure yourself. Cause if

you don’t know your measurements then there’s no chance you’ll get the right fit. 

Don’t just know whether you’re a small size or medium, know the exact numbers as sizes vary from brand to brand. 

This isn’t necessary for traditional shopping as you can simply try the dresses. 

    2. Compare your measurements to the size chart: 

Now you know what’ll fit you. You just have to find it out. For that open the size chart and compare your measurements. If your measurements are lying between any 2 sizes it’s better to opt for the larger one. 

There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly some clothes shrink after the first wash so they’ll fit you once you wash them. Secondly, you can always get it altered. You can get a loose dress to fit you but you can’t make a tight dress lose.

    3. Keep the color difference in mind: 

The colors shown in the picture might slightly vary from the original due to lighting and editing. This doesn’t happen always but you should keep in mind that the colors can be slightly different. Most of the time it doesn’t bother much cause it’s a minor difference. But if you get the entirely wrong color then return it.

Some brands even give disclaimers about the color variation.

    4. Don’t ignore the fabric: 

Always check the fabric before buying any dress. See if that’s the material you would like to go with. Some people don’t like wearing certain materials like polyester. So always check the fabric to avoid buying the wrong material. 

   5. Customer reviews are great insights: 

Reviews and ratings can either encourage you to buy or help you save money. So always read them. They give great insights into the material, quality, size, detailing, color and experience. Reading good reviews about a dress you really like is such a satisfaction. 

   6. Read the product description: 

Although it’s such a  basic and common tip always read the product description fully. It gives details about all the features of the product like size, fabric, quality, and much more. 

    7. Click that play button: 

If there are videos available besides pictures it’s a plus point for you. Videos can give you a better view and idea of the dress you’re seeing in the picture. 

If you’re buying any famous product from a specific brand or site check out if anyone has reviewed it on youtube. 

    8. Talk to the seller: 

If the shopping site gives you the option to ask questions to the seller then avail it. You can ask all your doubts regarding the dress straight to them. Most of the brand websites won’t have this option but you don’t need that there. It’s mostly useful for sites like Amazon and Alibaba, where multiple sellers are selling. 

   9. Consider the brands first: 

When you’re shopping for clothes it’s better to consider the brands and reputable names first. They are less risky than going on an online shopping site that showcases multiple and random sellers like Amazon and Noon

This will eliminate most of your worries about size, quality, and fabric. The item and the quality will be the same as what they sell in stores. 

Online Sale on women clothes

   10. Wait for the sale: 

If you’re not in a hurry then see if any sale is about to come. If yes then add the dress to your cart and purchase it as soon as the sale goes live. This will get you a discount. 

   11. Consider the cost: 

Price tag plays a great role in the selection of our clothes. It’s best to stay in the middle. Low-priced clothes can be low in quality as well. On the other hand, a lot of people buy overpriced clothes thinking they’ll be of good quality. In the world of online shopping sometimes you get the value that you paid for and sometimes you don’t. So it’s better to stay in the middle. 

   12. Return policy: 

Whenever you’re making a purchase on any website read the return policy first. There’s still a chance that after following all the above tips you need to return the product. So it’s better to know whether the website provides free returns or not and whether they exchange the product or get you the money back. 

   13. Get the tailor to help: 

This last tip might save you from the trouble of returning. If your dress is a little loose or tight, then your tailor might help you. Visit your local tailor and ask him if he can alter it. Loose dresses can be easily altered. However, tight ones might not be altered always. 


Shopping online for women’s dresses is fun and risky at the same time. The fear of losing money and not getting the right product is immense. Then the struggle to return it is another problem. 

However, all these risks can be reduced if not eliminated completely by the tips we’ve shared. These 13 tips will solve your problems regarding the size, fabric, and quality of the material. 

So go girl and shop your clothes online using these 13 tips. 

Shanzay Aziz