Top 10 Affiliate Programs to Enroll In 2022

Enrolling in an affiliate program is the best way to monetize your audience. If you own a blog or you’ve got a big social media following, affiliate programs are great to get some extra bucks in your wallet. 

There are thousands of affiliate programs in every niche. It’s not possible to cover all of them in a single blog post. But we’ve tried to mention all the big names out there. So let’s dive in. 

How do affiliate programs work and what should you consider before enrolling? 

It’s a simple process. Everyone has to sell their product and for that, they need to market it. Affiliate programs are a way that allows these stores and brands to market their products to specific audiences. They provide you a special link and as a result of your promotion whenever someone buys using your link, you get a commission. 

So in simple words, they pay you for bringing them, customers. 

Best affiliate programs in 2022

Now let’s come to the second part. What should you consider before enrolling? 2 things, the niche, and your audience. You can’t pitch a tech product to people who are interested in pets. In order to get successful conversions, you should promote the right product to the right audience. Here are the Top 10 Affiliate Programs to Enroll In 2022.

List of 10 best affiliate programs:


  1. Amazon Associates:

Here comes the most popular affiliate program, Amazon associates. It has every type of product so it will have something for every niche. And it’s one of the most trusted e-commerce sites in the world. So half of your job is already done. People already trust the platform, your job is just to warm them up for the right product. 

Their cookie life is 24 hours, which is a bit less but it doesn’t mean you can’t get any conversions. If we talk about commission rates so different categories have different rates. You can check it out here. 

    2. eBay Partner Network: 

Another popular retail online shopping site with its affiliate program is eBay. Like Amazon, it has products in all categories. You can promote what lies under your niche. It’s also a trusted site so people won’t think much about buying from here. 

The signup process is pretty simple. Their tools and portal will not only help you track but also allow you to optimize ads on your site.

  3. ShareASale: 

ShareASale has been actively working for a long time. It’s gained a lot of trust and popularity in the affiliate world. It offers products in a variety of categories. 

They have a team to help you set up everything. The user interface is easy to navigate and the signup process is also simple. You can choose the products based on your business. 

4. TripAdvisor: 

If you’re associated with traveling you will know TripAdvisor. It’s a travel agency providing services to ease the travel process. It’s also a highly trusted site in its domain. And the best thing is you don’t have to sell anything to get a commission. 

Whenever a user will move to TripAdvisor’s site from your link and click on an ad on the site you’ll get the commission. The cost per click is very small but once you add it up it gets a lot. And of course, 1 user won’t just click on 1 ad. 

 5. is another huge e-commerce travel company. It helps you find the right hotel and you can even reserve a room online. Their website is available in 43 languages.

They have a cookie duration of 30 days and provide 25 to 35% commission per sale. 

  6. Teachable: 

Teachable is a famous online course-building platform. It allows you to create and sell online courses to educate others. If your audiences are someone who is interested in teaching and making passive income then you should join teachable’s affiliate program. It offers 30% recurring commission with 90 days of cookie length which is pretty good. 

 7. Thinkific: 

Thinkific is another online course-building platform. It also allows you to create video format courses that you can sell to your audience. They do have an affiliate program that provides 30% recurring commission with a 90-day cookie life just like teachable. 

According to Thinkific, their affiliate program is ideal for you if your customers are 

  • Content creators who want to educate others. 
  • Business leaders who want to create courses for the ease of their customers. 
  • Entrepreneurs who want to earn more by sharing their knowledge with others.

  8. Sephora: 

Sephora is not an unknown name. It’s one of the largest makeup brands out there. You can enroll in their affiliate program if your audience is makeup enthusiasts. They offer 5 to 10% commission on each sale with a cookie duration of 24 hours. 

  9. Murad: 

Howard Murad, M.D. is a skin care specialist who has formulated his own skincare products after treating a lot of patients. Today Murad is a trusted name in the skincare industry. If you’re in this niche you should consider Murad as well. They frequently arrange deals and sales to get more traffic. And they provide 7 days cookie life with 11% commission on every sale.

10. Elementor

One of the best and easy website builders for WordPress is elementor. It’s not just popular among web designers but also among affiliate marketers. 

They believe an ideal relationship is equal for both parties so they offer 50% commission with a cookie life of 45 days. 

They have excellent customer support to assist you. You’ll get all updates of their new products and tips to optimize your efforts for more conversions. They’ll also provide you a tracking tool to help you analyze your performance. Elementor is one of the best options if your audience is interested in web development. 

 These are not all affiliate programs out there. There’s a lot more to explore but it wasn’t possible to mention it all here. We’ve selected some popular affiliate programs in different niches. 


Hope it aids your search. 

Shanzay Aziz