Wants to Earn Money Try These Top 8 Types Of Affiliate Marketing

What’s the 1st way of affiliate marketing that comes to your mind? I guess most of the people will say blogging/review sites. Yes, they are good for affiliate marketing but there are more ways through which you can do the same and add some more money to your wallet. Let’s have a look at the different types of Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Types of affiliate marketing based on the affiliate: 

An affiliate is a person who’ll be promoting the product and getting commissions. Based on affiliate there are 3 types of affiliate marketing. 

  1. Involved affiliate marketing: 

Involved affiliate marketing sets up the highest level of trust between the affiliate and the customer. The affiliate isn’t just promoting the product but has used and tested it. The review they give serves as a marketing message. Since the affiliate is involved in the product and provides a genuine review there’s a higher chance of conversion here than any other way of affiliate marketing.

  2. Related affiliate marketing: 

It establishes a lower trust level in the sense that the affiliate doesn’t claim to use the product. But there is a link between product and affiliate like he’s an authority in the niche and people trust him. It also provides great conversions. 

 3. Unrelated affiliate marketing: 

This is the most unrecommended type of affiliate marketing. Here the affiliate has neither used the product nor has any authority or connection to it. It’s just a random promotion to a random audience. 

Types of affiliate marketing based on marketing strategy: 

All the types and ways that we’re gonna talk about come under related or involved affiliate marketing. Because in here trust matters a lot. If the product is right then promotion from the right person can change the game. 

We’ve divided all affiliate marketing ways into three major categories,

  • Content marketing: Here you’re marketing content, you’re giving information to people and promoting the product through content.  
  • Discount/offers: You’re attracting people to shop by giving them discounts and deals. 
  • By gaining trust: You maintain a high level of trust with your audience and then promote the right product. 

Now let’s explore what options do we have in each of these categories. 

Content Marketing: 

Content Marketing

  1. Blogs and web pages:

One of the most popular ways of affiliate marketing is blogging. In this affiliate marketing, the website owners and the bloggers who are experts in their field promote products to their audience. This is done by writing reviews or compiling a list of something like the 10 best XYZ to use in 2022. They provide a link to their audience and whenever someone buys through that link the blogger gets a commission and the company gets a sale. 

Why does this method work?: 

Because bloggers built trust with their audience. They are experts in their field. And when they promote the right product their audience trusts their pick. 

  1. Review sites: 

Affilate marketing thourgh Reveiw sites

These sites are a little different from blogs and websites. Blogs talk about different topics in a specific niche. They interact with their audience, answer their questions and mostly they provide informational articles. But review sites are completely based on giving reviews about different products in a niche. 

Their most articles are like 10 best XYZ or should you buy x product or not? They organically rank in Google for such keywords and when they recommend a product to their customers then the brand can get sales. 

Why does this method work? 

People usually search these keywords to find the right product for themselves, to know the pros and cons before buying anything.

  1. Email Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing thourgh Email maketing

Email marketing is also great for the promotion of affiliate products. Some affiliate campaigns depend solely on email marketing. But it might be for a limited time. Like you run a campaign for 5 days or a week or maybe just promoted in one email. But you can’t spam their inboxes with the promotion of a product. This will show that you’re not actually thinking about your audience but your main concern is money.

Why does this method work? 

Because people only subscribe to email newsletters of those who they like and trust as an expert. So when a person like that promotes a product that’s actually helpful for the audience, there’s a great chance of a conversion. 

   2. Digital assets/Info products: 


Affiliate maketing thourgh E-book or Digital Info

E-books, buying guides, or any other long-form content that people mostly download are digital assets (also called info products). These can be paid or free. Since it’s long-form content, it’ll get fewer eyeballs. However, when paired with the right product or service they can have a very high chance of a conversion. 

Why does this method work? 

A person who’s interested in the details of a specific topic is already warmed up for it. He’ll likely be willing to spend money on the right solution as well. 

Discounts and products: 

  1. Coupon sites: 

Affilate Marketing Thourgh Coupons site

This way of affiliate marketing is growing day by day. As people now shop more online they’re always looking for discounts. Coupons and discount codes are a great way to do that. 

There are many sites that are affiliated with different online stores and they freely provide discount codes and coupons to people. Whenever someone uses it the owner gets a commission. 

Many websites are completely dedicated to it like this one as well. We provide discount codes and coupons for various online stores of UAE. You can check that out here

Why does this method work?

Because discount attracts people. If you thoughtfully run a discount and coupon affiliate marketing program, then there’s a great conversion rate here. 

  2. Loyalty programs: 

Affiliate marketing thourgh loyalty sites

Loyalty sites are another way of providing discounts. What they do is they provide their customers with some amount of cashback or bonus points on every purchase made from their site or links. Some loyalty programs even provide an option to donate a percentage of that bonus to a specific cause. 

Why does this method work?

Again it attracts people due to discounts and some people who strongly care for a cause make purchases to support it. 

By gaining trust:

  1. Social media marketing: 

Affiliate marketing thourgh social media marketing

There are a lot of influencers with thousands of followers on social media in every niche. Their followers are your potential customers. You can contact these people for paid partnership. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and any other platform can be used for affiliate marketing.

Why does this method work?

Influencers are highly trusted by their audience and are experts in their field. Their recommendation matters. 

  2. Youtube Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing thourgh Youtube

Just like social media marketing, you can find YouTubers in your niche and collaborate with them to promote your product. 

Why does this method work?

For the same reason as social media marketing. 

So these were some ways and types of affiliate marketing. But as this is marketing you can always find more creative ways to do that. Hope this piece of content opened your mind to possibilities. And if you want to know some major affiliate programs in different niches, you can head over to this article. 


Shanzay Aziz