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Mikyajy Promo Code | 10% Off

Mikyajy Promo Code

Wants an extra discount at to use maikyajy promo code and get an extra 10% discount.


Special offer on gift sets

Extra 10% off with code LOVE10 for products under the /sale category only.

Promo dates: Jan 21st to Feb 14th

Mikyajy – is a pioneer in Khaleeji color cosmetics and fragrance, Mikyajy has grown into a closely-knit family of loyal fans! Mikyajy is the brainchild of Mr. Kamal Osman Jamjoom, who is originally from Saudi Arabia and perfectly understands the cultural nuances and needs of the region. He has spearheaded the KOJ Group for decades and nurtured it to its current success.

Mikyajy has an experienced and passionate team of people in Product Research, Product Development & Quality who are there to ensure getting the best of color cosmetics (eyes, lips, nails, and face), fragrances, gifting (all-in-one makeup boxes), and exciting seasonal Limited Edition collections.

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