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MEGA7: AED 200 MILLION PROMO - TERMS AND CONDITIONS This opportunity is open for individuals across the world who are 18 years or above, with the exception of select sanctioned countries. Please refer to our comprehensive terms & conditions for further information. By entering the game, participants agree to all the terms and conditions listed on this page. Winners and prizes: Winners matching all the 7 numbers will receive AED 200,000,000. This prize will be shared in case there are multiple winners. Those matching 6 numbers will receive the shared prize of AED 250,000. Those matching 5 numbers will receive a prize of AED 1000. Those matching 4 numbers will receive a prize of AED 50. Those matching 3 numbers will receive a prize of AED 7. The winners’ names will be announced during the MEGA7 Live Draw, as well as on our website and across our social media channels. The winners will be notified of the results through email or phone using the contact information provided during their Emirates Draw registration. By choosing to take part in the game, and becoming a winner, you hereby provide explicit consent for the usage of your images and video content for promotional and marketing purposes of Emirates Draw. This includes and is not limited to the publication of your images and videos on our website, social media channels, advertising materials and other relevant channels. Emirates Draw will not be responsible for failure to hand over any prizes due to wrong information given by the participants. Disclaimer: Emirates Draw reserves the right to modify or amend the rules of the game, at its sole discretion. Any changes to the rules will be communicated through appropriate channels, including but not limited to our website, official announcements, or direct notifications to participants.
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