What To Wear In Dubai? It’s Not What You Think

Is Dubai strict on clothing? What is Dubai’s dress code for men and women? People ask these questions when they’re planning to go to Dubai. Dubai is a part of the UAE and is a Muslim country. However, It’s not mandatory for tourists to cover up and dress a certain way. Tourists have the choice of their clothes. You can wear whatever you want but, within some limits, and that’s Dubai’s dress code. 

Let’s discuss the weather first: 

Everyone knows Dubai is a hot place. During the peak days of summer, the temperature rises to 50C. You definitely don’t want to layer a lot or wear thick clothes. The best is to wear loose cotton clothes to keep yourself cool. But it won’t be hot everywhere in Dubai. All the covered and indoor spaces are air-conditioned. Going in and out is like switching between  2 kinds of weather.  

Dubai dress rules for female tourists: 

Looking at your wardrobe and thinking about what to wear in Dubai? Here’s what you should and shouldn’t pack. And yeah women can show their hair, arms, and legs.  

Dubai dress code for women:


Dubai dress code for women

What you can wear

  • No problem with wearing short sleeves or sleeveless 
  • T-shirts tops are also fine 
  • Pants, shorts, knee-length skirts, and trousers
  • Dresses 

What you shouldn’t wear:

  • See-through clothes
  • Swimsuits
  • Too short skirts and shorts 
  • Clothes showing too much cleavage

In short feel free to wear your casual outfits just make sure they’re not too short and see-through. 

Tip: At the Dubai airport and in the malls wear some comfortable shoes. You’ll have to walk a lot and heels are a big no.

Dubai dress rules for male tourists:

There are certain guidelines for men as well. You can’t roam around in your see-through fitted undershirt or in a swimsuit.  

Dubai dress code for men: 

Dubai dress code for men

What you can wear: 

There’s no problem with wearing 

  • Pants
  • Jeans
  • Trousers
  • Shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts (make sure they’re not too short) 

What you shouldn’t wear: 

  • See-through clothes
  • Body-hugging clothes (shirts and trousers that are way too tight)
  • Swimsuits

But what to wear on a beach in Dubai? 

You’ll be thinking about this. Let me answer. Dubai has something for everyone. They’ve public and private beaches. Mostly on public beaches, locals are enjoying their time. It won’t be a good idea to wear a swimsuit there. You can opt for a private beach. It allows people to dress as they want. There will be no restrictions. 

What to wear on a public beach?

If you want to go to a  public beach you can wear the following,  

  • shorts with long shirts 
  • One-piece swimsuits
  • Sport suits 

Men can wear any swimsuit on public beaches. And yeah don’t forget your sunscreen cause the sun won’t be gentle at all.

Be aware of fancy hotels and restaurants: 

Many fancy restaurants and hotels have their own dress code. They have a certain kind of vibe and environment. To maintain that the guests should also follow the dress code. Before booking your table or room check out the dress code. Many hotels mention it on their site. 

Within the hotel, different places have different environments and you should dress accordingly. If you’re coming out of a hotel’s swimming pool, don’t go to the dining room or lobby in your swimsuit. There will be many people and families. The hotel has to maintain decorum. 

What to wear on a desert safari in Dubai? 

Going to Dubai and not enjoying a desert safari? You’re missing out man. Desert safaris are fun. You’ll spend a day in the desert. Make sure to wear loose cotton clothes for it’ll be hot all day. It gets a little cold after the sunset. Many females like to wear a caftan. It completes the whole vibe of the desert. However, you can wear anything just make sure to follow the dress code mentioned above. 

For shoes wear sandals or any flats as you’ll be walking on sand. It’s better if your shoes have a strap around the ankle cause it’s very easy to lose your shoes in the sand. 

What to wear if you’re visiting a mosque in Dubai?

If you’re visiting a mosque you should dress modestly. Wear something that covers your arms and legs. Women should also cover their hair in the mosque. Many mosques that allow tourists to visit also have an appropriate dressing in case anyone needs it. 

Why does Dubai have a dress code? 

There’s a reason for these clothing rules in Dubai. 

You know Dubai is one of the most famous countries among tourists. Each year more than thousands of families visit Dubai to spend vacations and holidays. The government wants to maintain some kind of modesty to support family tourism. They want to maintain the decorum and that’s why there are certain guidelines for dressing. 

However, as said before Dubai has something for everyone. You’ll find all types of entertainment places in Dubai. It’s just the thing that each place has its own decorum and to maintain that people are expected to dress accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. Can tourists wear anything in Dubai? 

Tourists can wear anything in Dubai until it’s not unmodest like too-short skirts and shorts, see-through and revealing clothes. Dubai is visited by the whole world and people can wear their cultural dresses. You’re just required to dress modestly and you can wear anything.  

  1. Is there a dress code for Burj Khalifa? 

There’s no defined dress code for Burj Khalifa. Just follow the basic guidelines (that is dressing modestly). 

  1. Can I wear leggings in Dubai? 

Yes, you can wear leggings in public places in Dubai. 

  1. What should I wear in Dubai during the day?

The days are usually hot in Dubai. Wear light clothes or loose fitting as you’ll be sweating a lot. 


This was all about what to wear in Dubai? The dress code isn’t too much complicated. There’s just one thing to remember. Whether you’re a male or a female don’t wear too short bottoms and revealing tops, and don’t wear see-through and too-fitted clothes. If you’re keeping these things in mind you’re good to go. There’s no problem with wearing jeans, trousers, dresses, tops, and shirts. 

Hope you can pack your bags for Dubai now. 

Happy traveling!

Shanzay Aziz