What Jewelry To Wear With A High Neck Dress To Nail The Look?

What jewelry to wear with high-neck dresses? Or more accurately what necklace to wear with a high-neck dress? This is a tricky part when styling high necklines. There’s no space for any necklace how should you accessorize it?

In this article, we’re going to solve this problem of yours. After reading this you’ll be able to accessorize high necklines like a fashion guru. So let’s get straight towards it.

What jewellery to wear with high neck dress

Jewelry to pair with a high-neck dress:

We’ll discuss one by one all the jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, and so on. Let’s dive into the conversation.

When it comes to high-neck dresses, the one jewelry piece that can make a huge difference is a necklace. If you wore the right one it’s gonna lift the whole outfit. However, this is the most tricky part. High necks don’t leave any space for a necklace, they’re fitted at the top. Due to this many women think they can’t wear any necklace with high necklines.

So can you wear a necklace with a high neck? Yes girl you can wear a necklace with high necklines.

Find the balance. A simple fashion rule:

Everything fitted may not look good. The same is true for baggy clothes. This is a general fashion rule to find balance in your outfit. High-neck dresses are fitted at the top. Wearing a small pendant necklace won’t complement it. You need something long and loose that doesn’t fit around your neck rather it falls freely.

Necklaces you shouldn’t wear with high necks:
Here’s what you need to avoid.
choker (It’ll look horrible with high-neck dresses).
princess necklaces (a typical necklace that sits right above the collar bone).

Necklaces you can wear with high necks:

Long necklaces (long pendant necklaces look really good. They give a minimal stylish look to your outfit).
Multi-layer necklaces (layers give them length)
Thick chained necklace (they look great with sleeveless high necks)
Heavy necklaces (these are heavy statement pieces and are perfect for a party or special occasion)

It’s not necessary that your necklace should be long. It can be of medium length as well. The thing that makes any necklace good with high necklines is its fall. In the following pictures, you’ll see some medium-length necklaces and they’re looking flawless with high necks. It’s because they don’t wrap around the neck they are kinda loose.


We’ve done the hard part and are going towards the easy one now. There’s no problem with earrings. You can wear anything you want in your ear. From studs to hoops and big chunky earrings it’s all up to you. If you skip the necklace and go with a statement earring piece it’s enough.

If you’re planning to wear both necklace and earrings, you need to be careful. You don’t want to overdo and ruin the whole look. In this case study, dangle, or drop earrings are the best.

You need to avoid this:

What you should avoid is wearing a big chunky necklace with large chunky earrings.

There’s one case where you can wear long earrings and necklaces both with a high necks. If and only if your necklace and earrings both are delicate. Think about a long necklace having a small delicate pendant and a delicate chin-length pair of earrings.

Tip: Look yourself in the mirror. If your jewelry looks too much then you shouldn’t wear it.

 jewelry to wear with halter neck dress

Hair accessories:

Hair accessories are great to add some shine and life to your outfit. Peral pins, cute hair bands, and hair clips work very well. If you just accessorize your hair that’s also enough. It can complete your outfit. However, you can definitely wear other jewelry items as well.

For example, let’s create a casual look with high neck and hair accessories. How about a high-neck top with jeans and letting your hair fall from a hair band. Joggers or long boots will look great on this outfit.


There’s no right or wrong in wearing bracelets with high necklines. Put on any bracelets, simple ones, or get some gangster vibes by wearing 3 to 4 at the same time.


Again you can wear any ring of your choice. This can’t make your high-neck outfit go wrong.

Jewelry with a high-neck wedding dress:
Many wedding dresses have high necklines and they look phenomenal as well. However, The same question comes here, what jewelry to pair with a high-neck wedding dress?

You can’t wear those long chunky and casual necklaces with a wedding dress. Then what necklace should you wear? The answer is simple. Don’t wear any necklace with a wedding dress with a high neckline. Instead, style it with other jewelry items like earrings, hair accessories, bracelets, and rings. Anything other than a necklace will look fabulous with a high-neck wedding dress.

Jewelry to wear with high neck wedding dress

Frequently asked questions:

Can I wear a necklace with a high-neck dress?
If anyone says you can’t or shouldn’t wear a necklace with high-neck dresses, they’re completely wrong. Fashion has changed a lot, you can wear a necklace with a high neckline.

What necklace do I wear with a high neckline?
Long necklaces work well with high necklines. They balance the fitted effect of high necks. If you don’t want to wear long necklaces go with the medium length. The rule is to wear a necklace that drops on your chest and doesn’t wrap around your neck.


So now you know how to style a high-neck dress and what jewelry to pair. If we have to sum it all up in a few sentences then the following sentence won’t be wrong.

You only need a long necklace, earrings, bracelets, and hair accessories (optional) to style a high neckline.

Now go girl and rock in your high-neck outfit.

Shanzay Aziz