What Jewelry To Wear On Your Wedding Day | Tips And Ideas

So finally your big day is around the corner and you’re about to start your shopping for that. Every bride wants her dress, jewelry, shoes, hair, makeup, and everything to be perfect. Chasing this perfection leads to a lot of confusion sometimes. You find yourself unable to decide on your wedding dress and jewelry. 

To clear that confusion and to answer, what jewelry to wear on your wedding day we’ve compiled this guide for you. It includes tips and ideas for selecting wedding jewelry. Let’s help you select the right jewelry for your wedding day. 

What jewelry to wear on your wedding day?

8 tips for selecting your wedding jewelry: 

Let’s first see some tips for accessorizing your wedding dress.

  1. Personal style over trends: 

Your wedding day is “Your” big day. It should be special to you. You should be happy and satisfied with everything including your jewelry. 

That’s why you shouldn’t blindly follow the fashion trend. These trends change really quickly but your wedding photos and memories will be with you forever. When you look back you should be satisfied with what you wore, rather than just following a trend that has changed now. Prioritize your personal style and preferences. You’ll look gorgeous and will be proud of what you wear. 

  1. It’s not the time to experiment: 

Don’t experiment with fashion on your big day. You might end up wearing something that you don’t like or you’re not comfortable in it. 

See what jewelry pieces you like to wear and what you’re most comfortable in. For example, if you like wearing bracelets go for it. If you don’t like wearing a necklace, skip it. Studs or long earrings and statement pieces? What are your preferences and what type of jewelry do you like to wear?  

Another approach is to look at some formal looks of yourself. What type of jewelry did you wear? All this can give you an idea of what to incorporate and what not. 

  1. Don’t worry about matching everything: 

Wearing silver earrings means you should wear all silver. Wearing a gold jewelry piece means you have to stick with gold. That’s not necessary at all. If you’re wearing gemstones you can’t wear a pearl bracelet. That’s not true as well.

You can wear gold and silver together or silver and platinum as well. There’s nothing wrong with wearing different metals together. Just follow your intuition. Wear your wedding dress and jewelry to see what looks best on you. No need to follow the strict fashion rules and do what you want to do. 

  1. Go different: 

What are the first few things that come to your mind when you listen to the word wedding jewelry? Necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings. I think these are the most common things that brides consider. However, that’s not all. There’s more that you can add. 

Hair accessories, bows, hairbands, crowns, and flower accessories are getting popular these days. 

Flower accessories to accessorize a wedding dress

  1. Necklace and necklines: 

When it comes to necklaces, your neckline plays a major role. A general rule of thumb is your necklace should follow your neckline. Pendants are great for v-necks. Chokers look great with sweetheart necklines or with strapless dresses. 

Another thing to consider is your necklace should be on your skin and not on the dress. 

  1. Consider those family legacies:

Do you have any inherited jewelry that you want to wear on your wedding day? If yes, then bring those pieces with you while shopping for a dress. This way you can make sure your dress goes well with that jewelry. 

You can also make some changes to the jewelry. Let a gold smith know what design you want and you can have your family jewelry pieces according to your style. 

  1. Listen to yourself: 

Our elders can sometimes have different views than ours and that’s perfectly fine. These days a lot of brides are skipping on necklaces and unfollowing the traditional way. They’re going minimal, bold, heavy, dramatic, and whatever they want. 

If you don’t want to go with a necklace don’t let anyone else force you to do so. It’s your big day and you should be happy about what you’re wearing. 

  1. You can switch things up: 

You know you have the option to switch your look. You don’t have to wear the same jewelry and dress throughout your wedding. You can change your look for the reception. Want to wear bracelets but you’ve long sleeves? Take them off in the reception and wear your beautiful bracelets. 

You can make your mom happy this way as well. Wear her choice first and for the reception do as you like. It’s a win-win situation. 

Inspiration to help you select your wedding jewelry:

  1. See the current trend: 

Be aware of the trend that’s in at the moment. If it aligns with your style and you like to wear it you can definitely consider it. 

  1. Statement style: 

You can go bold and wear some statement jewelry pieces on your wedding day. 

what rings do you wear on your wedding day

  1. Classic look: 

You can also opt for a basic look. It’s the safe side and you can’t go wrong here. 

  1. Pearls: 

You can go with the pearl theme for your wedding jewelry as well. Small delicate pearl earrings with a pearl necklace are enough to complete the look. 

Wedding jewelry ideas: Pearl jewelry

  1. Wear gems: 

Make gemstones the main element of your jewelry. It doesn’t mean your all jewelry should have gemstones but make them prominent to dominate the look. 

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. Can you wear gold on your wedding day? 

There’s no rule that says you can’t wear gold on your wedding day. If it goes with your dress, then why not? You can wear gold jewelry or even a gold tiara to add a little bit of sparkle to your look. Just be sure that the gold doesn’t clash with your dress.

  1. Can brides wear hoop earrings? 

Hoop earrings on your wedding day! This isn’t common but there’s nothing wrong with it. If you really want to go with hoops then small and delicate hoops are fine. Avoid wearing big chunky earrings.

  1. What do you wear on your wrist at your wedding?

There are many options for what to wear on your wrist at your wedding. A delicate diamond or gemstone bracelet is a beautiful and elegant choice. This type of bracelet adds a touch of luxury and can help to dress up any wedding outfit. If you are looking for something more understated, a simple gold or silver bangle bracelet can also be a lovely option. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that you feel comfortable and confident wearing on your special day.


How to choose your wedding jewelry? You know the answer now. Just remember that don’t blindly follow the trends or what others are saying. Put on your wedding dress and see what jewelry pieces are looking good with it. 

Happy Shopping!

Shanzay Aziz