What Clothes Make You Look Thinner In Winter?

How can I dress in winter and not look fat? This is the biggest winter struggle of all snappy dressers out there. Imagine you create a look, decide on layers and create a gorgeous picture in your mind. But when you pull it all together, you look like a pile of clothes! You look bulky and fat! The look and the mood are both ruined in a second. We can’t let this destroy our winters, and so here we’re, showing you what clothes make you look thinner in winter. 

Give this article a read and end this struggling girl! 

The secret of looking thinner in winter: 

Have you seen celebrities and models wearing huge chunky jackets? I’m sure you have, but have you ever noticed they don’t look fat even with those huge clothes on? It’s because they’re styled right. 

And the secret of that styling is revealing your own shape and size anyhow. If you’re wearing a huge jacket, your pants should be skinny to show your actual figure. If your bottoms are straight, your top should be fitted. 

In short, balance the oversized and huge jackets with a fitted clothing item. The fit will reveal your actual figure and won’t make you look fat.  

The secret of looking thinner in winter


4 Fashion mistakes that make you look bulky in winter:

Avoid doing what you shouldn’t do, and you’re halfway there. So before getting into what to do, let’s see what you shouldn’t do. 

These are some common styling mistakes that make you look fat in your winter outfits. 

  1. Wearing loose-fitted coats and jackets 

Fitting plays a huge role in determining how your final look will turn out. If you wear a loose-fitted coat or jacket, no matter how good your inner layer is, your final look won’t be flattering. The folds and the extra cloth take away the grace of the outfit. 

You should also be careful with puffy jackets and coats. They’re already bulky, and if styled wrong, they mask your figure and make you look fat.

Wearing loose fitting coats and carigans make you look fat in winter


  1. Layering over poor-fitted clothes:

This is even worse than wearing loose coats. The extra cloth adds width when you layer it over a poor-fitted top or sweater. 

It’s not that you can’t wear loose-fitted clothes, but there’s a way to style them. And here, when we say loose-fitting, we’re referring to the folds and gathering of fabric. 

  1. Layering over heavy woven sweaters

Have you seen those chunky heavy-woven sweaters? They’re all over the Instagram. They look effortless, cute and comfy. And you should definitely give it a try (if you still haven’t). But don’t make the mistake of layering over them. 

These sweaters are already thick and bulky, and if you wear a jacket or coat over them, it’ll be a fashion disaster. If you need more protection from the cold, layer underneath. But don’t wear anything over these chunky sweaters. 

Winter fashion mistake: Layering over chunky sweaters make you look bulky


  1. Tying your scarf around your neck 

This is totally fine if it’s a light fabric and doesn’t look like a lot of fabric is around your neck. However, if you’re styling a thick scarf, just let it fall or wrap it once around your neck. 

If wrapped more than once, these bulky scarves add extra thickness around your neck. 

Winter styling mistake wrapping scarf around your neck


How to dress to look thinner in winter? 

Now you know what fashion mistakes to avoid, let’s see what you should do to look slimmer in winter. 

 Wear proper fitting

We just saw how a wrong fit could destroy your outfit. So wear a proper fit. It doesn’t mean your clothes have to be body-hugging. It means they shouldn’t have any folds or extra fabric hanging. 

And if we talk about the innermost layer (if you’re wearing 3 layers), it should be body hugging. If it’s loose, your outfit will not look good when you layer over it. 

Go with dark colours 

Okay, we all know that dark colours have slimming properties. And so we can use them here. 

But dark doesn’t mean only black. Maroon, brown, navy blue, grey and dark green also do the job. But what if this isn’t your style and you want bright colours in your outfit? Don’t worry; you can pair a bright or light-coloured bag, scarf or hat. This will break the colour symmetry and make your outfit pop. 

Add a waist belt 

The thick winter clothes mask your figure and make you look bulky. We want to show our own size, and a waist belt is the easiest way to do that. It brings emphasis to your waist and shows your actual size. 

The coat that was making you look fat is now looking flattering just because of a waist belt. 

Waist belts make you look slimmer in winter


Long coat

These elegant long coats are all over the place. And they look so chic and flattering. They literally make any outfit decent. And the best thing is their fit and fabric, which doesn’t make you look fat at all. 

Black long winter coat


What clothes to wear to look slimmer in winter (Inspiration)

Here are 4 winter outfit ideas that make won’t make you look bulky. 

  1. Pants, top and jacket:

Let’s start with the basics, pants, top and jacket. You can wear puffy jackets as well, and you won’t look fat. The secret here is the skinny jeans. They highlight your size and thus make you look slimmer. 

Top pants and jacket


  1. Oversized sweater with pencil skirt:

“But you just said we shouldn’t wear loose fitting!”

Yeah, but have a look at the pictures. The sweater is styled properly, and to complement it, we have a pencil skirt. The skirt has the job of making you look your size. 

Also notice that the skirt is dark coloured. 

Sweater with a pencil skirt


  1. Basics paired with a long coat

Wear the basics as the inner layer and pair it with a long coat. Add chunky or heeled boots, and you’re ready to steal the show. 

Top pants with long coat


  1. Sweater dress

It’s time for a sweater dress. Throw your dress and synch it with a waist belt. Lastly, put on your long boots, and your cute winter outfit is ready. 

Sweater dress with waist belt and long boots



You’re now officially ready to rock this winter. You know how to look tall and slim in this cold weather. So say bye to the bulky looks and style your clothes to flaunt your size. 

We are signing off here on the topic, “What clothes make you look thinner in winter?” Thanks for staying with us till the last. 


Shanzay Aziz