Warm Indoor Clothes For Winter | How To Stay Warm Indoors

Winters have arrived and it’s getting colder day by day. But as the fuel prices are getting high. It’s not possible to warm up a room 24/7. So we have to dress warmly indoors as well. I know the blanket seems to be the best option but we can’t wear it all the time. We have to dress up and get out of our bed to do work. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about some warm indoor clothes for winter and what fabrics you should wear in this cold weather. So without wasting any more time let’s get straight into it. 

 What to wear indoors in winter?

Here’s how to dress warmly indoors in this cold season. 

If it’s not that cold you can go with one layer, but for most people, a single layer won’t be enough. So we’ll be having at least 2 layers.


Base layer:

Let’s start with the top. For a base layer, you can wear a fitted undershirt. It can be of wool or any thick insulating fabric that’s appropriate for winter. However, choose a soft and comfortable material for the base layer. If it’s itchy you’ll stay uncomfortable the whole time. 

Get a full-sleeved shirt to get proper protection from the cold. 

Top layer:

Now let’s move to the top layer. Here you can throw any sweater, cardigan, turtle neck, hoodie or jacket you like depending upon the warmth you need. It’s totally up to you and this is where you can give life to your indoor winter clothes. 


Sweater as a top layer in winter indoor outfit



Base layer:

For the first layer, we’ll go with fleece leggings or any thick fabric. Make sure they’re comfortable to wear as this is an indoor outfit so we want warmth and comfort both. 


Leggings for indoors in winter


Top layer:

Pants are a good choice but if you want to be more comfortable go with trousers. Fleece or any other thick fabric will be fine as we already have a base layer. 


For indoors slippers are the best option. Wear socks as well to keep your feet warm and cozy. 

Additional clothing items: 

This was the essential warm indoor clothing for winter. However, you can add more clothing pieces if you need them. For example, you can wear a beanie to cover your head or a small scarf or muffler for your neck. 

The key to staying warm in winter: 

How to saty warm indoors in winter? The secret is to select the right fabric. Go for thick and insulating fabrics which capture and retain the heat. 

Avoid cotton at all costs. It’s not winter-appropriate as it doesn’t retain heat. 

Following are a few most used fabrics in winter that provide the warmth and comfort you want. 

  1. Wool: 

We’ll start this list with the most well-known fabric for winter which is wool. 

It gives you the perfect warmth you need for its heat-capturing properties. Wool clothing has a wide price range which goes from affordable to high-end. You’ll definitely find a woolen item that fits your budget. 

Wool can be used for top layers such as sweaters and cardigans. 

Warm fabrics for winter - Wool


  1. Fleece:

Fleece is a lightweight and warm fabric. It’s softer than wool and thus perfect for indoors as it gives you the comfort you’re looking for. Another advantage of fleece is it is affordable because it’s made from synthetic polyester. 

You can use fleece for both the base and top layers. As a base layer, there are fleece leggings and undershirts available in the market the top layer hoodies, cardigans and jackets are pretty common. 

Warm fabrics for winter: Fleece


  1. Teddy fleece:

Teddy fleece has the same properties as regular fleece a but different texture. It’s even softer than regular fleece and its texture gives the perfect winter cozy vibes. 

Warm fabrics for winter: Teddy 


  1. Cashmere: 

Cashmere looks and feels like wool but it’s of premium quality, soft, and light which makes it a perfect fabric for winter. 

Cashmere can be worn as a top and base layer both. However, try using it for the base layer because it’s soft and comfortable for the skin. 

Warm fabrics for winter: Cashmere


  1. Thermal fabric: 

As the name suggests thermal fabrics are specially meant to capture heat. They’re quite popular in extremely cold areas where other materials aren’t sufficient to keep you warm. They don’t just capture heat but act as an insulation material to retain it for longer times. 

Thermal fabric is mostly used to make undergarments for winter but you can also find shirts and trousers made of it.

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. How do you dress warmly in a cold house? 

To dress warmly in cold house wear at least 2 layers. Secondly, chose fabrics that retain heat and don’t imbibe moisture. Here are a few examples: fleece, wool, and cashmere. 

  1. How can I keep my hands and feet warm in winter? 

Most people experience cold hands and feet in winter. No matter how much they layer, their hand and feet still remain cold. The easiest way to keep your hands and feet warm in winter is to wear gloves and socks. 

Dresslily WW

However, often times wearing a hat also works. It’s because your brain’s feeling the cold temperature and hence is trying to retain body heat. 


We discussed 2 main techniques to keep yourself warm indoors. 

  • First is to layer (have at least 2 layers) 
  • The second is to select the right fabric which traps heat

We hope you’ve got the answer to how should I dress indoors in winter and ideas about what to wear at home in this cold weather. 


Shanzay Aziz