Outfits To Wear To The Office | 8 Stylish Work Attire Ideas

Deciding what should I wear to the office is the most difficult outfit choice that I’ve to make every day. You want to look professional and polished, but with a little bit of style. That’s not easy at all and sometimes it gets frustrating. 

To ease this problem of yours I’ve compiled this article to show you what outfits to wear to the office. These 8 looks will help you in styling and bringing some fun to your everyday office look. Let’s see the looks then. 

8 outfit ideas to wear to the office: 

  1. Button-up shirt with pants: 

Let’s start with the basics, a button-up shirt with pants or trousers. This is a very common work attire let’s see how you can style it. 

First thing first, add a statement belt that gets prominent in your outfit. Just doing this will bring style and life to your look. Secondly, play with the sleeves. Fold them up a bit or let them loose. 

To finish the look add a delicate necklace, and a watch and you’re good to go.

Button-up shirt with pants an office outfit


  1. Top and pants with a blazer:

Bring out your favourite top and pair it with trousers or pants. Add a blazer to complete your look.

This outfit looks really polished and it’s great for work events where you want to dress up a bit but still look professional. Add some accessories and heels and you’re ready. 

You can also turn this into a casual after-work look. Just remove the blazer and you’re wearing a casual outfit. 

Work attire with a blazer top and pants


  1. Style a pencil skirt: 

How can we forget pencil skirts in our office wardrobe? Bring them out and let’s style them. 

Wear your pencil skirt with a top. Now, you can finish the outfit here with some accessories or let’s go for layering. You can add a cardigan or a blazer. The cardigan will give you a relaxed vibe while a blazer will take your outfit to a more professional side. 

Pencil skirt with a blouse for the office


Office look created with a pencil skirt top and cardigan


  1. White classic shirt with statement pants: 

Tired of wearing the same boring jeans every day? Switch things up and pair your white classic shirt with statement pants. 

Now from statement pants I mean you should go for some colour. You can also opt for prints but as this is a work outfit we can’t go wild. Vertical stripes will be enough if you want to go for prints. However, going with colour will give a more polished and work-appropriate look. 

Green statement pants with white shirt for work

Work outfit created with pink pants and white shirt


  1. Midi skirt, a casual look: 

This look has a very feminine vibe to it. It’s pretty comfortable yet stylish and office appropriate. Pair your midi skirt with a sweater if it’s cold or with a shirt or a top in summer. Add a few accessories and tie your hair neatly. See how elegant this outfit looks. 

Wear a midi skirt with a top to the office


  1. Dress with a blazer:

A dress on its own might not look that office appropriate, but if you add a  blazer to it, boom it’s perfect for the office. You can do this with both bodycon dresses and with those having a little flare. 

This outfit is ideal for work events where you want to look fancy but professional as well. Let’s look at the pictures. 

Dress paired with a blazer for work outfit


  1. Shirt dress: 

Next on the list, we have a shirt dress. In my opinion, this is one of the essential clothing pieces for the office wardrobe. Why? Because it combines the button-up shirt with a dress. From the top, it looks like a shirt but from the bottom, it’s a little bit of flare. 

This is perfect for summer as it doesn’t require layering. Add a belt to accessorize it and you’re done. 

Shirt dress a perfect outfit for work 


  1. Printed top with straight trousers: 

We added print and colour to the trousers, now let’s add fun to our tops. Your office shirts and tops don’t have to be solid colours. You can go for prints as well. It adds fun and life to your outfit. 

Printed top paired with pants for office look


4 Tips for styling office outfits: 

  1. Always tie your hair neatly. It makes you look polished. 
  2. You don’t only have to stick with solid colours. Patterns and small prints are fine and make your boring office outfits fun. 
  3. Have a black and white pair of trousers and you can create multiple looks with them by switching your top. 
  4. If you’re tired of black and white pants go with camel, beige and brown shades of trousers. They look really elegant. 

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. Can you wear a maxi dress to work? 

Maxi dress is formal wear. It’s not appropriate as an everyday office outfit but you can wear it at dressier work events.

  1. What is not appropriate to wear in the office? 

Tight, funky and revealing clothes are not office appropriate. If you’re wearing a top or a blouse make sure it doesn’t have a deep neckline. Also, consider the fabric, thin and see-through fabrics aren’t for work outfits. 

  1. Can you wear jeans to the office? 

Yes, you can wear jeans to the office. However, not all jeans are suitable for work outfits. Avoid ripped and faded jeans. Go for a classic pair of jeans that is in good condition. 


These were the 8 office outfit ideas for ladies. Hope it gave you some inspiration to style your work outfits. Add some colour and prints to it, they don’t have to be boring.  

Happy styling your office outfits!

Shanzay Aziz