11 Outfit Ideas To Look Taller | Tried And Tested Tips And Tricks

Have you ever noticed some outfits make you look shorter and in some outfits, you feel taller? It’s not just in your mind, outfits do really affect the way you look. Wrong styling can take off some inches from your height because it doesn’t focus on length. The outfits that focus on your height and draw attention to it make you look taller. But what are those outfits? Let’s find out how to outfit to look taller.  

girl wear Outfit ideas to look taller


The thumb rule to style your outfits to look taller: 

The main secret behind all the tips and outfit ideas is this is one basic rule. A long black line will look longer than a colourful line of the same length. It means that while wearing clothes you want to make the colours continuous. This makes you look longer by drawing focus on your height rather than the colours. 

You don’t want to break the colour symmetry as it divides your body into pieces. This division doesn’t enhance your height. This means colour symmetry is the only thing you want to get right to look taller.  

How to dress to look taller? 

We’ll discuss styling tips for short people and also reveal the clothes that make you look taller. 

  1. Want stripes? Go for vertical ones

Ditch all the clothes with horizontal stripes, they make you look wide and short. Vertical lines enhance your height and make you look not only tall but slim as well. The continuous long lines are the reason for this magic. Have a look at the comparison photos.

Gilr wear Vertical stripes for looking taller

If you really want to wear horizontal stripes opt for thin lines. Never go with wide big horizontal stripes. Pair it with high-waisted pants and tuck the shirt to create a long line of your legs.  

Tip: Posture is extremely important if you want to emphasize your height. Whatever you wear, if your back and your neck aren’t straight it’s not gonna work 

  1. Column dresses: 

Any dress that has a straight silhouette is a column dress. It works the same way. A straight horizontal line gives an illusion of symmetry and enhances your height. 

  1. High-waisted jeans: 

I’m sure you’ll at least have one pair of high-waisted jeans because they’re in these days. Take them out and start wearing them more often. Pair them with crop tops or tuck in the shirt. 

High-waisted pants give length to your legs by making a long continuous line that creates symmetry.

  1. Monochromes are your bestfriends: 

Yes monochromes are your bestfriends. They create one long rectangle, a single long line from top to bottom instead of diving your body into two halves. 

What happens when you wear a top and different coloured pants is that the attention doesn’t go to your height. People see your height in 2 halves and that breaks the symmetry. That’s why the biggest styling tip for looking taller is wearing monochrome. 

Monochromes make you look taller

  1. Tuck your shirt: 

There’s no point in wearing high-waist jeans if your shirt covers it. Even with normal pants try tucking in the shirt it’ll make your legs look longer. 

If you want loose baggy vibes or don’t want to tuck the whole shirt then try this. Tuck it just from the front. This is still completing our purpose of creating the illusion of long legs. The line is visible hence the job’s done. 

  1. Long jackets: 

For layering, long jackets and trench coats are the best for you. To make things even better you can either have the same colour coat as your pants or go complete monochrome. This look is perfect for winter.

Tip: Try using shoe pads. They add extra inches to your height just like heels but they don’t hurt your feet. 

Gilrs wear Long jackets make you look taller

  1. V necks: 

The inverted triangle gives an illusion of a longer torso. You can complement it by wearing long necklaces

  1. Skirts and knee-high boots: 

A full-length skirt is fine but what if you’re wearing a medium-length skirt? We’re seeing a problem here, it’ll divide your body into 3 parts, top, skirt, and then your legs and shoes. 

The solution is to wear knee-high boots of the same colour as your skirt. Go monochrome at the bottom to maintain symmetry.

Gilr wear Knee-high boots styling to look taller

  1. Skin-toned and pointed shoes

If you’re wearing shorts or medium-length skirts then skin-toned shoes are a great way to extend that line. However, this line here is of your legs and not of clothes.

It makes your legs look longer. Even if you want to fold your jeans and expose your ankle skin-toned shoes will still help you out. Another tip regarding shoes is to always wear pointed ones. 

Girl wear Styling tips to look taller: pointed shoes

  1. Long sleeves: 

Opt for dresses and tops having long sleeves, at least till your wrist. It’s even better if you go with sleeves that cover your wrist and hand a little bit. This makes your arms look longer.

  1. Long and straight-cut pants or trousers: 

Make sure your pants cover your ankle so the symmetry is extended to your shoes. If your pants cut your legs at the ankle and then you’ve skin showing between your shoes and pants it breaks the symmetry. 

Another styling tip for short people is wearing straight-cut pants. 

Woman wear Straight-cut pants to look taller

Things to avoid in your outfit to look taller:

Here’s a list of things that you need to avoid while styling your clothes to look taller. 

  1. Wearing all baggy 
  2. Wearing flappers 
  3. Avoid folds on your pants and sleeves
  4. Blocking the colour line (Showing ankles between pants and shoes)


If you’ve reached here then you now know what to wear to look taller. Just keep the main rule of symmetry in mind and try different outfits to see what works best for you. And do try the 11 outfits ideas we mentioned, they’re tried and tested. You’ll see a noticeable difference in your height’s appearance once you style your outfits correctly. 

Happy Styling! 


Shanzay Aziz