9 Business Casual Outfit Ideas For Winter | Effortless Yet Chic

A big question for you. What to wear to the office in winter? 

It’s so difficult to decide. You don’t want to ditch your style but also want to be comfy and warm.  Well, who said your style will cost you comfort? 

You can have a warm yet comfy office outfit in winter if you dress up the right way. So here are 9 business casual outfit ideas for winter. 

9 Warm and comfy office outfit ideas for winter: 

  1. The power suit: 

What to wear to the office in winter? A 3-piece power suit, let’s style it for winter. 

Start by wearing thick leggings and a fitted woollen top as a base layer. Now wear the shirt, and pants, and finish the outfit with the coat. You can also wear a turtle neck sweater if it’s too cold, it’ll keep your neck warm as well.

To make your feet warm and comfy we’ll replace heels with socks and shoes. Wear gloves when you’re outside and your winter office power suit is ready. 

Power suit for office in winter


  1. Long coat:

Winter is incomplete without long coats and we’re going to wear them to the office as well. 

Wear a basic pair of pants (jeans or straight pants whatever you like) and pair it with a woollen fitted top. To add some fun to your outfit, add a belt. Lastly, add your favourite long coat as the top layer and your perfect winter business casual outfit is ready. 

For footwear go with socks and shoes, it’s the most comfortable option in winter. 

Long coat, a warm and comfy outfit for office in winter


  1. Blazer with skirt and woollen top: 

Let’s create a winter office outfit with a skirt. 

Take out your favourite skirt and get a woollen top to pair with it. You can end the look here or add a blazer as well. Both looks are chic and effortless. 

For footwear you can go with boots as shoes won’t look good with a skirt. 

Skirt and blazer as winter work outfit


  1. Jeans top and leather jacket: 

If you want to look stylish in winter, the easiest way to do that is by adding leather to your outfit. Leather jackets, skirts and tops give an edgy look to your outfit. 

So now we’ll see some winter office outfit ideas with leather. Take your jeans out and wear them with your favourite winter top. Add a belt to accessorize your outfit. 

Add a leather jacket as a top layer. Finish the look with black leather boots and your chic winter office outfit is ready. 

Winter work attire with jeans and leather jacket


  1. Summer dress with a leather jacket or blazer: 

Let’s create a look with a dress. Pair your maxi dress with a blazer or a leather jacket. Ankle-length boots will be the perfect footwear here or you can go with knee-high boots if you wear a midi dress. 

This won’t be enough to keep you warm, right? Remember, you can always add a base layer (leggings and fitted top) to your outfit. Layering the right way in winter is crucial to styling.

Maxi dress with blazer for work in winter 


  1. Sweater dress: 

Another dress option for winter is the one and only, sweater dress. It’ll keep you warm throughout the day and you can style it in many ways. Add a small necklace over your neckline, it looks elegant and enhances your look. 

You can wear long boots with them to get a classy winter vibe. 

Sweater dress as winter work outfit


  1. Office shirt with sweater: 

Let’s create a winter office look with an office shirt. Take out any office shirt you like and a sweater to pair with it. Wear the sweater over the shirt and to style it takes the collars out. 

Pair jeans or any pants that go with the sweater and your warm and comfy office outfit for winter is ready. 

Office shirt with sweater in winter


  1. Oversized sweater with knee-high boots

Look at this oversized large sweater and how stylish it looks with knee-high boots. Wear a trench coat over it and add fleece tights or leggings to stay warm. 

That’s it, an easy-to-create chic winter business casual outfit is ready. 

Knee-high boots with winter work attire


  1. Knee-high boots with a pencil skirt 

Here’s another outfit with knee-high boots. Pair a short or midi pencil skirt with an oversized fitted top as in the picture below. And finish the look with knee-high boots. 

The other option is to style the same outfit with an oversized sweater or a chiffon top. Wear stockings or fleece to protect your legs from cold. 

Pencil skirt with knee-high boots as office outfit in winter


Don’t be boring: Tips to make winter office outfits stylish:

  1. Accessorize: 

Don’t forget, a big part of winter styling is hats and scarves. We’ve shared the crux of the outfits but now it’s up to you how you style them. 

Add scarves, hats, belts and jewellery where possible to elevate your outfit. These small additions make a huge difference. 

  1. Choose the right colours:

Colour combinations can make or break the look. Monochromes and contrasting light and dark shades of the same colour look so chic and classic. Have a look at the pictures.

  1. Mix and match to create new looks: 

In winter we’re layering a lot and pairing different clothing pieces to create an outfit. You can mix and match different pieces to make new looks. Like one jacket can be worn with pants, skirts and a dress. 

Bellelily WW

So mix and match your tops, pants, jackets and scarves to create multiple looks. 

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I wear leggings for business casual? 

Yes, you can wear leggings for business casual if your overall outfit looks professional. For example, if you wear leggings with knee-high boots and a sweater dress or with a decent top and boots, it’s fine as your overall look is professional. 

  1. Do sweaters count as business casual? 

Sweaters are counted as business casual. Feel free to style them with various outfits.


These were the 9 business casual outfit ideas that are easy to create yet stylish. All these office outfits are warm and comfy. And you can always add a base layer for extra protection. 

Now you don’t have to worry about what to wear to the office in winter. You’ve 9 elegant outfit ideas that you can style to make multiple looks. 

Shanzay Aziz