How To Wear Summer Dresses In Winter? Stay Warm And Stylis

Do you have a completely separate wardrobe for winter and summer? Girl, you can style your summer clothes in winter as well. Asking how? Then keep on reading as this article is dedicated to showing you how to wear summer dresses in winter. We’ll discuss how you can wear skirts, shorts, summer pants, tank tops and dresses in winter. So let’s dive in. 

How to wear summer clothes in winter? 

  1. Summer top: 

From tank tops to full-sleeved and sleeveless ones, you can literally wear any summer top in winter without getting cold. 

Here’s how to style it. 


There are 2 ways to wear a sleeveless top (or full-sleeved as well) in winter.

  • Wear it over a sweater or turtle neck 
  • You can add a blazer, cardigan or long coat to cover your shoulders and arms. 

If you have a full-sleeved loose-fitted summer blouse or shirt that you want to style, then layer underneath. Wear a nylon or fleece fitted top (undershirt) and throw on your summer top over it. 


Go with whatever you want here but straight trousers or leather pants will work best. 


Ankle-length boots, chunky sneakers or knee-high boots will look chic and classy. 

How to wear a summer top in winter?


  1. Skirts: 

Whether it’s a midi, maxi or pencil skirt, this general styling technique will go with all of them. 

If you’re wearing skirts, you’ll need proper protection from the cold for your legs. So let’s do some layering and make skirts work for winter. 


You can opt for any wintery top. Here are a few options

  • Oversized sweater, tuck it to style it
  • Fitted woollen top 
  • Turtle neck 
  • Chunky knitted sweater 

Or wear an undershirt and add on your favourite full-sleeved summer top or blouse. 


Wear your skirt, but to keep yourself warm, add leggings. A trick to add fun to your outfit is to go with patterned leggings. 


If it’s a midi or short skirt, the perfect footwear will be long boots. They add another covering layer to keep your legs warm. In the case of pencil or maxi skirts, ankle-length boots or slushy boots will be the best option. 

How to wear a skirt in winter?

  1. Shorts:  

People think shorts are only for summer, but you can wear them in winter as well. Styling shorts for winter is very similar to skirt styling. 


Wear an oversized knitted sweater or a fitted one. Add a blazer or cardigan to make it more wintery. 


Put on your leggings and add your shorts over them. 


You can opt for boots, but if you want to add another protective layer, knee-high boots will do that for you. 

How to wear shorts in winter?


  1. Summer pants: 

Can you wear summer pants in winter? Of course, girl, let’s create a winter outfit with jeans or summer pants. 


Opt for a knitted sweater or oversized or fitted winter top. Add a jacket or cardigan on top of it to give it some dimension. 


Wear fleece or nylon leggings and put on your summer pants over them. That’s it you’ve worn your summer pants while keeping yourself warm. 


Pair leather boots or chunky sneakers, and your outfit is completed. 

How to wear summer pants in winter?


  1. Short dress: 

Now comes the dresses. Let’s see how to style short dresses in winter. 


Here’s what to wear over a summer dress when it’s cold. 

  • Jacket 
  • Cardigan
  • Blazer  
  • Long/Trench coat

If this isn’t enough, you can also layer under your dress. A body-hugging top will do the job. 


As before we’ll again wear leggings to keep our legs warm. 


Leather boots, long boots and booties will look good with this outfit. 

How to wear a short dress in winter?


  1. Long dresses: 

We’ve seen styling of short dresses but how to wear a long dress in winter? 


Put on your favourite maxi dress and wear a sweater over it. Your maxi dress will become a skirt. 


Go with fleece or nylon leggings to stay warm. 


Combat boots or healed boots will be a perfect addition to this outfit. 

There are many more ways to wear a maxi dress in winter. We have already talked about it in a separate article. If you’re interested to know more, check it out here

How to wear a maxi dress in winter?


2 Pro tips for wearing summer clothes in winter: 

  1. Play around with what you have:

Did you notice how we styled summer clothing for winter? The key was layering. We were either layering under or over the summer pieces. 

To create more such looks and style summer dresses in winter, go ahead and play around with what you have. Try layering different jackets and coats. 

Don’t be afraid to layer over and under, this is how you’ll create your own looks. 

  1. Balance the colours:

We wear summer clothes in winter, but we want our outfits to look weather appropriate. 

Most summer pieces are bright, fun and pastel colours while winter is more toward dark, solid and neutral tones. To make your outfit weather-appropriate, balance out the colours. 

If you’re styling a bright-coloured top or a skirt, make sure your other pieces are neutrals. This will make your overall outfit balanced. 

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. Is it okay to wear summer clothes in winter? 

There’s no problem with wearing summer clothes in winter as long as you style them right. You should feel warm, and your outfit should look winter appropriate. 

  1. Are jeans okay for winter? 

Jeans are considered winter wear. Many jeans are made specifically for winter, which means they’re meant to keep you warm. But not all jeans are like that. If your jeans aren’t enough to keep you warm, wear leggings underneath. 

  1. Can you wear summer colours in winter? 

Yes, you can wear summer colours in winter but with the right pairing. You should dress according to the season. So if you have a summer colour, pair it with warm, dark or neutral shades to winterize it. 


In this how-to guide, we looked at how you can style summer dresses in winter. We styled the following clothing items, 

  • Summer tops 
  • Skirts 
  • Shorts 
  • Summer pants
  • Short dresses 
  • Long dresses

I hope you liked the ideas and got some inspiration to wear your summer dresses in winter as well. Remember the 2 tips we gave, and you can create your own head-turner looks. 

Happy Styling!

Shanzay Aziz