How To Wear A Jumpsuit The Right Way | A Complete Guide

You can literally wear jumpsuits for everyday casual looks and for formal wear as well. This is something you can wear throughout the year. Yes, in every season. However, the styling will differ a little but you can pull off jumpsuits in any season and on any occasion. They look so classy but still many women don’t have them in their wardrobes. The reason is they don’t know how to style and wear jumpsuits the right way. 

Another thing is if you style jumpsuits wrong you’ll look like a fashion disaster. But if you do it right you’re gonna look like a fashion icon. So let’s see how to wear jumpsuits the right way. 

5 Types of jumpsuits: 

  1. Summer Jumpsuits: 

They’re designed and crafted according to summer, which means light fabric with bright colors and prints. They’re mostly sleeveless or have short sleeves. However, you can find long-sleeved ones in the same fabric as well. 

     2. Winter jumpsuits: 

The fabric for winter jumpsuits will be thicker and they’re usually full-sleeved. If you’re having a hard time finding a winter jumpsuit stay tuned as we’ll discuss jumpsuit styling tips for winter. 

     3. Casual jumpsuits:

These are made of cotton or a little flowy fabric to give comfortable and casual vibes. Denim jumpsuits are also in this category. There’s no specification about the design. They can be of solid colours or printed. These are the everyday jumpsuits you can wear with sneakers, sandals, or flats. 

     4. Formal jumpsuits: 

They’re mostly solid colours and are made of chiffon, silk, or other flowy fabrics to give a fancy vibe. You can consider them as festive wear for formal events. If styled properly they create an elegant, decent, and minimal outfit for formal gatherings. 

     5. Office Jumpsuits: 

These are the jumpsuits that you can wear to your office and meetings. There’s no such market category as office jumpsuits. You just buy a monochrome jumpsuit and style it professionally. We’ll talk about that later. 

How to style Jumpsuits: 

Now let’s see some jumpsuit styling tips and ideas. 

    1. Baggy look:

This is a street style. If you’re a fan of baggy clothes then you’ll also like baggy jumpsuits. They drape over the body and give casual and relaxed vibes. Pair them with sneakers. Put your hair loose or in a simple bun or ponytail. Roll up the sleeves and bottom of the pants to give some texture to your outfit.

    2. Statement/Funky look: 

Jumpsuits are great outfits to make a statement. Bright colours and funky prints are one way to do this. Pair them with heels or flats. Add minimal jewellery and let the dress do its job. 

Tip: If your jumpsuit has a funky print or a bright colour add minimal accessories. If it’s a solid colour add silver gold jewellery. Just remember don’t over-accessorize. 

     3. Formal look: 

Monochromes are the best for formal looks. Get a jumpsuit in any solid colour. Pair it with decent jewellery. Mostly silver and gold are the best options for formal looks. You can add a belt to compliment the outfit. Tie your hair neatly in a sleek bun or ponytail. Add heels and your outfit is complete. 

     4. Office look:

For an office look, layer the jumpsuit with a coat and choose a classic solid colour. Put all the bright and funky colours aside. Even if you want to wear printed make sure it’s a decent nice print. Pair it with heels. Add a watch and style your hair accordingly. 

      5. Wear a shirt with the jumpsuit:

A great way to style your jumpsuit is wearing a shirt under it. This idea works for jumpsuits that are sleeveless. It creates a cute and easy-going look. A classic black or white shirt will look great under any colour. However, don’t just stick to this. Experiment with different colours and style your outfit as you want. 

     6. Add a fitted t-shirt over it: 

This time instead of wearing your shirt under, wear it over the jumpsuit. Again you can do this with a sleeveless jumpsuit. The finished look gives an illusion as you’re wearing pants with a shirt. 

How to wear a jumpsuit in summer: 

Let’s give you some styling ideas for summer. 

    1. Add a hat and sunglasses: 

To sync a little with the season add sunglasses and a hat to your outfit. A light cool coloured jumpsuit with these 2 accessories gives perfect summer vibes. Floral prints are also made for this season. 

How to wear a jumpsuit in winter: 

One thing is clear you’ll have to layer up your jumpsuit in winter. Let’s see how you can wear a jumpsuit with a jacket. 

Tip: Wear thick leggings and a shirt or sweater underneath your jumpsuit for protection from the cold. Also, choose full-sleeved jumpsuits.  

    1. Layer it with your long coat:

Long costs are everywhere in winter so let’s style your jumpsuit with it. Put on your jumpsuit and add a scarf if you want. Complete the hair and makeup. Then add your long coat over it. 

    2. Add a Thick blazer:

Instead of a long coat, you can also opt for a blazer. If you’re wearing a solid coloured jumpsuit top it off with the same coloured blazer. Or you can contrast colours to find a good match for yourself. 

    3. Wear a leather jacket :

Leather jackets and jumpsuits are a great combo. A classic black leather jacket can go with any colour whether it’s printed or a solid pigment. Get minimal accessories to finish the look. 

    4. Add denim:

How can we forget denim jackets? Go ahead and wear it over your jumpsuit. Denim gives a casual look that’s perfect for every day.  

Monochromes in jumpsuits that anyone can pull off: 

If you’re afraid you can’t flaunt a printed or funky jumpsuit. Try a solid monochrome. They’re the easiest to style and anyone can look like a fashion icon in them. Following are the easiest colours to style,

  • Black 
  • Navy Blue 
  • White 
  • Red
  • Any dark colour

Wear gold or silver jewellery with these colours. Style your hair, wear some makeup and you’re good to go. 

2 tips for buying the right jumpsuit: 

  1. Wear your fit: 

Fitting plays a major role in the overall look of your outfit. Your jumpsuit shouldn’t be too tight or too loose (until you’re going for a baggy look). In each case, you wouldn’t be able to get that chic vibe. 

    2. Consider the length

The right length is as important as the right fit. Your jumpsuit should neither be too long nor too short. You don’t want the garment to be running under your shoes. If you’re planning to buy one that you’ll wear with heels then wear heels for shopping. It’ll give you the idea of the right length. And if you want to casually wear it then find the perfect length according to your height without any heels. 


This was our guide on how to wear and style jumpsuits. We talked about formal, casual, funky and even office looks. Then we’ve also given you ideas on how you can style jumpsuits in different seasons. 

Hope this guide inspired you to flaunt a jumpsuit. 

Happy styling!

Shanzay Aziz