How To Wear Baggy Clothes Without Looking Fat | 7 Tested Tips

Baggy clothes are so comfortable to wear, but not so easy to style. I know your concern, it makes you look fat. However, we’re going to style them the right way. We’ll figure out how to wear baggy clothes without looking fat so let’s get straight into it. 

how to wear baggy clothes without looking fat


Why do I look fat in baggy clothes when I’m not even fat? 

Let’s address this question before going straight toward the solution. 

Oversized clothing doesn’t draw attention to your body, the focus goes on the extra fabric. It overshadows your size and makes you look as large as your clothes. 

This happens when you don’t style baggy clothes properly. Those Instagram models and influencers know how to balance the extra fabric and enhance their bodies. 

The key technique to style baggy clothes: 

Here’s how not to look fat in baggy clothes. Balance the bagginess with some fitted pieces. This brings focus to your body and doesn’t make you look frumpy. 

Also, note that you don’t want your widest parts to be prominent. If your thighs are wide, get an oversized shirt that cuts a little below your thighs.

7 tips on how to wear baggy clothes without looking fat:

Here is how to style baggy clothes the right way so you don’t look fat. Also if you notice all these tips are based on the key technique of styling baggy clothes that we’ve just discussed. 

  1. Don’t go all baggy:

Wearing head-to-toe oversized clothes will definitely make you look fat. Wear one baggy piece at a time. If your top is oversized go for a fitted bottom and if your bottom is baggy then wear a fitted top. This balances the bagginess and draws attention to your body rather than just fabric.

Styling oversized shirt with skinny jeans


Pairing baggy pants with a fitted top


  1. Consider the fabric: 

Fabric can make or break your baggy look. You don’t want to go with linen, silk, chiffon, or any thin stretchy fabric that just falls on your body. The extra fabric here won’t give you the volume that’s in baggy clothes. 

Choose a little thick or cotton-type fabrics that can stay on your body and give that baggy vibe. 

  1. Tuck that shirt in: 

Here’s how you can wear an oversized shirt stylishly. Tuck it in your pants. It highlights your waist which is a thin part of the body.  

Now, you can tuck in your shirts in many ways. You can tuck it fully, just from the front, or just from one side. All the ways create a different yet effortless look. 

A tucked in baggy shirt 


Baggy shirt tucked in pants


  1. Wearing a loose jacket: 

The key to flaunting a loose baggy jacket is to wear fitted clothes under it. If you’ll go all baggy it won’t look good. Wear fitted pants and a top with a loose jacket. See how chic this outfit looks.

Styling blazer with fitted pants


Styling loose baggy denim jacket


  1. Cropped and baggy, a big no: 

If you’re wearing baggy clothes then avoid pants and shirts with cropped bottoms and sleeves. Baggy and cropped pieces will make you look shorter. So go with full sleeves and ankle-length bottoms when you’re wearing baggy outfits. The length will balance the width of your clothes and won’t take away your inches. 

If you’re not concerned about your height then there’s no problem in combing baggy and cropped.

  1. Bring the focus to the waist: 

I’m sharing here 2 ways you can bring focus to your waist. First is to wear a long large oversized shirt as a dress. Add a waist belt to enhance your waist and a very casual effortless look is complete. 

Styling baggy shirt as a dress


The second is simply using a waist belt with anything and everything. Whether it’s a flowy loose dress or a cardigan, a waist belt really balances the bagginess and brings attention to your size. 

Pairing waist belt with a baggy blazer


  1. Wear a little chunky jewelry: 

What jewelry should you pair with baggy clothes? The answer is chunky jewelry. If you like to wear delicate accessories then you’ll have to ditch them here. Delicate jewelry doesn’t get prominent if paired with baggy outfits. It tends to get lost in the extra fabric. 

Go for a little chunky and bold pieces that catch your attention.

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. Does baggy clothing make you look smaller? 

No, baggy clothes don’t make you look smaller, they make you look larger than your size if you don’t style them properly. The extra fabric overshadows your body and so you look as large as your clothes are. 

  1. Are baggy clothes still in style in 2022? 

Yes, baggy clothes are in trend in 2022. We’re seeing skinny jeans replaced by straight pants and wide-leg jeans. 

  1. What top to wear with baggy pants? 

Style your baggy pants with a fitted top. It focuses on your body and doesn’t make you look frumpy. See how balanced the outfit looks with baggy pants and a fitted top. 

Pairing fitted top with baggy pants

Alt-text: Pairing fitted top with baggy pants

  1. Which influencer’s style is baggy? 

Billie Eilish is one of the most influential personalities in Hollywood at the moment and her clothing style is oversized and baggy. 

  1. Do baggy clothes make you look shorter? 

Baggy clothes are far from your body and usually, these types of outfits don’t make you look taller. The width sometimes makes you look shorter but again it comes to the art of styling. With proper styling, baggy clothes won’t make you look short. 


This was all about how to style baggy clothes. If you don’t style them properly they’ll make you look frumpy. We discussed 7 tested tips and tricks on how to wear baggy clothes without looking fat. 

Remember the key technique, and as long as you keep that in mind you can style any baggy piece of clothing that you have. 

Happy Styling!


Shanzay Aziz