Long Coat Fever | How To Wear A Long Coat When You’re Short?

No matter how many times you say, “I’m not a fan of long coats”. You can’t deny the fact that they look chic, elegant, and classy. They’re all over Instagram this winter season. And you, also want to wear them (We know).

“Ok, yes, I want to wear them, but I’m short.”

Don’t worry. You’re at the right place. We’ve written this article to make you a fan of long coats. After reading this, you’ll be shopping for them, my girl! So let’s see how to wear long coats when you’re short.

Can you wear a long coat if you’re short?

Before coming to the main point, we must first clear this up. “You can wear long coats even if you’re short.”

Short girls think long coats aren’t for them. But the reality is long coats can make you look taller. Yes, you read it right. They can elevate you as they create a long unbroken vertical line. They don’t divide your body into sections and thus make you look taller.

But this only happens if you style them right. Wrong styling will do the opposite. It’ll look like the long fabric has consumed you.

How to wear a long coat when you’re short?

Here are 4 secrets to styling a long coat for short girls.

1.  The silhouette:

There can be 4 main types of coat silhouettes.

  • Straight: It’s the same from top to bottom
  • Waist fitted: It’s fitted at the waist
  • Flared: It’s fitted at the waist and flares out at the bottom
  • Loose: It’s not fitted at all. In fact, it’s loose from the waist

Waist-fitted and flared coats are the best for you. The fitting doesn’t make you look consumed by the fabric.

Loose coats are a total no. They won’t define your size or height. Straight ones aren’t ideal, but there are 2 ways you can rock in them. Let’s talk about them in the next 2 headings.

Fitted long coat for short girls


2.  Belt it up:

1 way to wear straight coats for short people is to add a waist belt. This is the same concept as with fitted coats. The belt will define your waist, and you won’t be overwhelmed by the fabric. Plus, a belt enhances your outfit as an accessory.

Another trick is to put the belt a little above your waist. It’ll make your legs look longer.

Wear a long coat with a belt


3.  Wear a fitted top:

What you wear under the coat also has a role to play in your outfit. And this brings us to our 2nd way of wearing long straight coats.

Wear a fitted top with pants, jeans, or leggings, whatever you like. And don’t button up your coat. The top will show your actual figure and balance the straightness of your jacket.

4.  Fit matters, so tailor it for yourself:

The coat should fit you. You shouldn’t struggle to fit in it. And as a short person, it’s a task to find the right fit for yourself. And it’s not a  surprise that sometimes we don’t get a perfect size.

The best option in these cases is to alter it to fit you. The right fit and size have the biggest role in making you look good in that long coat.

Best coat length for short girls:

Not all long coats will look good on short people. The fit is what determines your outfit’s final look. Notice that all 4 points in the above heading are related to size and fitting. Cause the right-sized long coat can make you look like a model.

Let’s now look at how to select the perfect long coat for yourself.

Best coat length for short girls


Coat length:

Generally, the right coat length is to the knees or mid-calf. However, what you’re wearing underneath your coat will have a huge impact on your final look.

For example, if you’re going with a midi coat with a maxi skirt, your body will be divided into 2 halves. And this cuts off a few inches from your length. In this case, your coat should be long enough to cover your skirt or dress so you get one long vertical line.

Long coat with a skirt and a dress


Sleeve length:

Your coat’s sleeves shouldn’t be too short or too long. The right sleeve size is to your wrist. Some people like longer sleeves that cover the hand a little bit. And it is good for short people as it also elongates the long vertical line and makes your arms look longer.

However, too long sleeves will cover too much of your hand and look oversize. If you want long sleeves, the best length is till the first knuckle of your thumb.

You know the fit and length aren’t right when you see folds in the sleeves.

Shoulder size:

The next most important thing about your coat’s fitting is the shoulder fit. Your coat’s shoulders should lie perfectly on your shoulders. If they’re too big, they’ll dangle on your arms.

This one small thing will make you look overwhelmed with the fabric and mask your height.

Shoulder fitted long coat



Are long coats suitable for short girls? Yes, in fact, long coats are ideal winter wear for short girls. They create an unbroken vertical line that elevates you. The first part of styling is to find the coat that fits you right. It should be fitted from the waist. If not, then tie a belt to synch it.

You don’t have to stay behind the trend anymore. Go style the long coats you love because now you know how to wear a long coat when you’re short.