How To Style Maxi Dress In winter | 5 Styling Ways You Must Try 

What I miss in winter is wearing flowy dresses like skirts and maxis cause winter outfits are body hugging to prevent you from freezing. But we’re going to wear our maxi dresses in winter as well. Don’t worry you won’t freeze, as this article will show you how to style maxi dresses in winter. 

Let’s enjoy the flowy vibes in winter as well. 


Tips for styling maxi dress in winter

Maxi dress isn’t just a summer dress: 

First of all, forget that maxi dresses are just for summer. They aren’t associated with a season. You can wear them throughout the year in summer, autumn, spring, and winter. But am I not going to freeze in winter in a maxi dress? No, you won’t freeze cause you can easily layer it up or wear shirts and trousers under it. 

Tip for wearing a maxi dress in winter: Style your maxi as you want. If it doesn’t give you protection from cold wear a shirt and trousers under it. The length of the dress will hide it. 

How to layer a maxi dress in winter? 

Let’s start styling maxis for winter by layering. 

  1. Wear a denim jacket: 

A jacket with a maxi dress is such a vibe, and a classic denim jacket is the first thing that comes to mind when layering anything. Denim goes with everything and with every colour. No matter if your maxi is printed or a solid colour, a denim jacket will go well with it. Tie your hair in a high ponytail, pair it with hoops, and your casual and classic look is completed. 

Denim jacket with maxi dress in winter

  1. Leather jacket: 

A leather jacket is another great option for layering in winter. Denim gives you a casual and everyday look while a leather jacket adds a little style and chic vibes to the outfit. You can play with the accessories and hairstyle to decide what look you want to go with. 


  1. Fur vest: 

A fur vest is not a common layering option but it’s worth wearing. Wear a full-sleeved maxi dress and layer it up with a fur vest. It gives cozy vibes that are perfect for the winter season. 

Fur coat with a maxi dress in winter

  1. A blazer or cardigan: 

A contrasting blazer or cardigan with a monochrome maxi dress is such a style. Or to maintain symmetry you can wear the same colour blazer. 

Add a small scarf around your neck. Tie your hair in a neat bun or neatly let them fall loose. This creates an elegant look.

  1. Trench coat with a scarf: 

Trench coats are everywhere in winter so let’s style them with our maxi dress. Put on your favourite maxi and wear a trench coat over it. Let the buttons open and add a scarf to finish the look. 

Styling trench coat with maxi dress in winter


  1. Wear a sweater over it: 

Turn your maxi dress into a skirt. Take out a sweater that’ll go with your dress. Wear it over your maxi and that’s it. Your maxi dress will look like a skirt. From the top it’ll be fitted due to the sweater and the bottom will be flowy. It’s a good way to wear the same maxi in a distinct way to look different. 

Some more styling options for a maxi dress in winter other than layering: 

  1. Just a maxi dress:

If you don’t want to wear anything with your dress, you want to wear it as it is then style it in this way. Wear thick leggings and a shirt or a sweater under your dress to protect you from the cold. Once that’s done opt for a full-sleeved maxi dress and you’re good to go. 

You can add a scarf to accessorize it a bit. In this way, you can wear your maxi dress without any layering up even in winter. 

  1. Wear a turtleneck with your maxi: 

Take out your summer maxi dress. Let’s style a sleeveless or short-sleeved maxi. Wear a white or black turtle neck and put on your dress over it. White and black give a pretty classic look but don’t just stick to that. Look into your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours.

High neck under a maxi dress in winter


What shoes to wear with maxi dresses in winter: 

We discussed the outfits but didn’t discuss the footwear. In the winter season, everyone wants their feet to be warm so opt for sneakers or boots. They’ll go well with the overall look of your maxi dress. 

If you’re dressing for a special occasion or fancy party then wear heels. Preferably those heels that cover your feet so they’ll be warm. For extra warmth you can wear socks as well, your covered heels will cover the socks. 

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. How do you wear sleeveless maxi dresses in winter? 

One way is to wear a full-sleeved top or sweater under your dress as we’ve discussed before. Or you can wear a jacket over a sleeveless maxi.

  1. How do you make a maxi dress warm? 

There are multiple ways to do that. You can wear jeans and a shirt under your maxi dress or layer it up with a jacket and other layering options that we’ve discussed.

Wear boots or shoes that cover your feet to stay warm.

  1. How do you wear a sweater with a maxi dress? 

1st option is to wear it over your maxi dress to make it a skirt. You can also use a belt to style it a bit. The second way is to wear it under to protect yourself from the cold. 


This was all about styling a maxi dress in winter. Now it’s time for you to open up your wardrobe and start trying out different styles. And remember don’t just stick to what we mentioned. Experiment to see what works best for you. 

Happy Styling!

Shanzay Aziz