How To Look Cute In Winter Clothes?


It’s so easy to feel down and just stay in bed all day in freezing temperatures. However, that doesn’t happen we have to go out, and in such weather, we almost forget what fashion is. All we want is warmth, comfort, and coziness. And thus, we look like a walking pile of clothes. Sounds relatable, right? But you know what. You don’t have to give up your fashion to be warm and cozy. You can have both at the same time. Let’s see how to look cute in winter clothes while not freezing.

The art of layering:

I can’t stress this enough. This is what makes or breaks your winter outfit. Get the layering right, and you’re 80% done looking cute.

Here’s a quick overview of layering right in winter. However, if you want to read about it in detail, check out this article here.

  • Wear thermal clothes as a base layer or anything that doesn’t add bulkiness.
  • Go with a sweater, dress, blouse, pants, or anything for the middle layer.
  • Add the final layer of jacket, coat, or cardigan.

Tip: Create a balance between bulky and fitted clothes. For example, if you’re wearing a puffer jacket, wear fitted jeans to show your actual size. Loose-fitted trousers will make you look bulky in this case.

Blue hoodie with denim jacket



Just wearing a simple outfit isn’t gonna do the job. So it’s time to accessorize.

But the jewelry won’t even be visible?

I’m not talking about jewelry. I’m saying we need to accessorize, and in the winter season, we need to take out our winter accessories. Yes, you guessed it right. I’m talking about hats, mufflers, and scarves.

Cute winter outfit with a scarf and beanie


Just do this little experiment. Wear a basic outfit and add a scarf and a hat. You’ll instantly look cute and fashionable. Your outfit will look like you’ve put a lot of effort init. However, you’ve just added a scarf and a hat.

Other than hats and scarves, you can use belts and bags to add a little detail to your outfit. These little detailings are what make an outfit stand out. So pay special attention to them.

Tip: You can still wear earrings and necklaces over turtle necks. 

Winter accessories make you look cute



See those cute Pinterest and Instagram pictures. You’ll notice one thing, they all have done a little bit of makeup, but that little bit plays a huge role.

You don’t want to be dramatic here. A simple makeup look will do the job. Give some colors to your lips and cheeks, add mascara, and this will be enough.

Simple makeup look make you look cute in winter



Another small detail that you might miss is hair. Spend a little time on your hair and whatever you choose to do with them, and ensure they’re neatly done.

There are multiple hairstyles that are quick and cute, so give them a try. You can also just do a simple ponytail or bun or just let your hair down. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that your hair should be presentable.

Cute winter hairstyle


Play around with what you have:

What to wear in winter and still look cute? Here’s the answer.

Open your wardrobe and see what you have. Take out all your jackets and tops. Mix and match different colors, patterns, and clothing pieces. See what looks good and what does not. And yes, you don’t have to leave your skirts and dresses behind. You can style them too.

If you don’t know how to wear summer clothes in winter, consider giving this article a quick read.

By following this technique, you might end up pairing clothes that you’ve never paired before.

Winter wardrobe


Get some statement sweaters:

Winter doesn’t have to be solid colored and neutral tones. Try different colors and patterns in your outfit. The best way to do this is to wear a statement sweater or jacket. Go with fun, bright colors, and prints.

Tip: If it’s too cold, wear a hat. Your head controls the body heat, so if the head is warm, you’ll stay warm.

Look cute in statement sweaters


Cute purple sweater


Try different materials:

The fabric you select plays a huge role. You can easily change the vibe of your outfit by mixing different fabrics. Wool, leather, silk, cashmere, and teddy are best for winter.

Winter fabrics


Frequently asked questions

1. How can I look cute and stay warm in winter?

Here’s how you can stay warm and look cute in winter.

  1. Learn the art of layering
  2. Accessorize
  3. Do some makeup
  4. Pay attention to your hairstyle
  5. Play around with what you have
  6. Get some statement sweaters
  7. Try different materials

2. Can I be warm but stylish?

Yes, you can dress warm and stylishly in winter. It’s not that difficult. All you have to do is layer properly. Add as many layers as you want to keep yourself warm. And the trick to not look bulky is to wear fitted clothes as under layers.

3. How can I look thinner in winter clothes?

How can I look thinner in winter clothes? This question is the most asked, so let’s answer it. It has a lot to do with layering. If you wear a thick chunky sweater as a base layer, you’ll look fat and bulky. Your inner layers should be fitted, but your final layer can be thick, like a chunky sweater or puffer coat.

Also, maintain a balance. Don’t wear all loose clothes. If your bottoms are flared, your top should be fitted to define your actual size.

3. Which type of clothes are perfect in winter?

Avoid wearing loose clothes as they have room for cold and wind. Thus, fitted clothes are perfect for winter. And which fabrics are the best? Wool, leather, cashmere, and fleece are some of the best fabrics for cold weather.


This is the crux of what we’ve discussed in how to look cute in winter clothes.

Pay attention to detail. This is what makes the difference between an average and a nicely put stylish outfit. Have fun and be creative with your clothes. Experiment with layering, and you can come up with a unique outfit that will turn heads.And how to look cute in winter? Learn the art of layering, that’s the biggest factor.