12 Quick Tips To Make Jewelry Last Longer Without Tarnishing

It feels so bad when you buy a piece of jewelry and after wearing it 2 to 3  times it starts to tarnish. You didn’t even end up wearing it right now and the jewelry is tarnished. Feels like the money is wasted, right? Here you Know how to avoid tarnishing jewelry?

But there are ways through which you can prevent this scenario. Yes, you can prevent your jewelry from tarnishing by following some simple tips and tricks. This doesn’t mean your jewelry won’t ever tarnish but this will slow down the process. 

Why does jewelry tarnish and turn black? 

Tarnishing or corrosion is a natural process. The main cause of this action is the contact of metal with moisture and oxygen. Both of these are present in our atmosphere. If the contact remains for a prolonged time then the chemical reaction starts, which results in the tarnishing and blackening of jewelry

INTERESTING FACT: If you don’t want your jewelry to ever corrode, buy rhodium-plated jewelry. This metal never tarnishes or corrodes. So your jewelry will stay the same as long as the rhodium plating is there.  

12 Quick Tips To Make Jewelry Last Longer Without Tarnishing

12 tips to prevent jewelry from tarnishing: 

The 12 tips are divided into storage, cleaning, and general. Make sure to read till the end as tip numbers 9 and 10 can be the only thing you need. 

Storage tips: 

The way you store your jewelry plays a great role in either increasing or decreasing the tarnishing process. So our first 5 tips are related to storage.

  1. Store different metals separately: 

Classify your jewelry into silver gold and costume jewelry (daily wear jewelry) and store them separately. When different metals come in contact with each other the tarnishing process is increased.

  1. Store fine jewelry in proper boxes: 

After separating your pieces, you should store your fine jewelry (gold and silver) in jewelry boxes that are internally lined with felt. This is the best storing option for gold and silver jewelry

  1. Separate tarnish and untarnished pieces: 

Now let’s talk about costume jewelry. First, you should separate out tarnished pieces. This is one of the major factors contributing to early corrosion. When you place tarnished and untarnished pieces together the corrosion is increased. As a result, your both jewelry pieces lose their charm and get tarnished. So never put them together. 

  1. Use close containers: 

Use close containers for storing jewelry. This will limit the amount of moisture and air, which is the direct cause of corrosion. Even if you want to display your jewelry install glass or transparent plastic door to protect it.

  1. Don’t let jewelry mingle: 

Don’t just take one container and dump all your jewelry pieces in it. Your pieces shouldn’t touch each other inside the box. Try to keep them as separate as possible. Less contact with each other means less corrosion. 

For this use a box that has multiple small portions in it. This will keep things organized and separate. 

Cleaning tips: 

Our next 2 tips are regarding cleaning.

  1. Clean and dry: 

Whenever you’re putting your jewelry after wearing it do a small favor to it. Take a tissue paper or a soft cloth and just wipe your jewelry quickly. This will help in keeping them clean and dry. The moisture in the air and the sweat (especially in summer) can cause tarnishing. 

Also, take off your rings before washing your hands and wear them once your hands are completely dry. Try to keep your jewelry always dry. 

  1. Detail cleaning and removing tarnishing: 

If you notice little tarnishing on your jewelry you can remove it. Use a mild detergent/soap and mix it in water. Soak your jewelry in it and use a toothbrush to remove corrosion. 

General Tips: 

  1. Use silica bags to absorb moisture: 

Moisture is the biggest enemy of your jewelry. You need to keep that away. If you live in a humid place you can keep silica bags in your jewelry box for they absorb moisture. This will help your jewelry last longer without tarnishing. 

  1. Use clear nail polish: 

Nail polishes create a barrier between the surface they’re applied to and the external environment. You can use clear nail polish to coat your jewelry. In this way, moisture in the air can’t come in contact with the metal and hence your jewelry won’t tarnish. 

  1. Use acrylic spray

This is the same technique as above but with a different tool. Instead of using clear nail polish, you can also use acrylic spray. This will also create a barrier and will prevent sweat and moisture to reach the metal surface. 

  1. Be careful while buying:

Has this ever happened to you? You buy something, come home and notice a defect in it. 

While buying jewelry check the piece carefully. Sometimes, the intricate or inner sides have little corrosion. You don’t want to buy that as the tarnishing will quickly spread. But what if you’re shopping online? You can’t physically inspect the object. However, there are ways through which you can get the right thing. Check that out here

  1. Give a new look to tarnished jewelry: 

This is a great way to give a new life to your tarnished costume jewelry. Instead of using clear nail polish, use regular colored nail paints and coat your jewelry pieces with it. 


So these were the 12 tips and tricks to prevent your jewelry from turning black. If you want you can leave everything and just use clear nail polish or acrylic spray to create the barrier. This will eliminate all other caring needs as the metal is protected now. 

Shanzay Aziz