How Should A Coat Fit A Woman? Find Your Right Fit

My favorite winter piece is a long coat. They’re timeless yet classy. Just throw them on any outfit, and you instantly look a lot put together and chic. You may be wondering, “But they don’t look like that on me?”. Do you know why? Because you’re wearing the wrong fit. This whole coat game depends on fit and size. Get the right size, and you’ll look like a fashion model. And if you’re wearing the wrong size, it’s a huge fashion mistake.

So let’s see how should a coat fit a woman.

How should a coat fit a woman?

Even a normal coat looks expensive if it’s the right fit for your body.

How to find the perfect size coat? Here are 4 points you need to keep in mind when shopping.

1. Coat length

There are multiple coat lengths from above the knee to ankle length, and everything length in between them. But what’s the ideal long coat length?

The most suitable length for most women is midcalf. However, this doesn’t work for everybody, or you may want a longer or shorter coat than that.

So here’s a rule of thumb.  Your coat shouldn’t cut your legs at their widest part. It should be a little above or below it.

The picture below shows you a winter coat having 3 different lengths.


Different coat lengths of a winter coat


2. Sleeves

Sleeve length is extremely important. You don’t want it to be too short or too long.

The right size is up to your wrist. If you want longer sleeves that cover the hands a little bit as well, then it shouldn’t be longer than the first knuckle of your thumb. If it passes the knuckle, it looks like you’re wearing someone else’s coat.

Other than the length, you should also consider the sleeve’s fit. If it’s bulky and loose, it’s a total no. Your sleeves should fit you right and should give a seamless finish.

3. Shoulders

This is something that can make or break your coat look. Sharp and right-sized shoulders elevate your outfit and make it look elegant.

Here’s how to get the perfect shoulder size. Ensure that your coat’s shoulders aren’t wider or narrower than yours. If a coat has wider shoulders, the fabric will drape over your arms and make it look oversized.

And how will you make sure it’s not too narrow for you? Move your arms. Rotate and move them in all directions. You should be able to perform all arm movements smoothly.

Tip: Wear a heavy woven sweater or the maximum layers you wear in winter when shopping for coats. This will ensure that your coat doesn’t get tight when you wear multiple layers.

4. Waist

It’s best if your coat is fitted at the waist or has a belt to do so. It really helps in defining your size and not looking bulky in winter with all those layerings.

If you want to go with a straight coat, then be careful of the above points when you’re shopping. And don’t forget to try it on. It shouldn’t make you look bulky or loose. It should straightly fall along your body.


Straight white long coat for women


How to know your coat size?

Sometimes the problem arises when we over-consider the above points and get a coat that’s too tight for us. So here’s how to know the right coat size for you.

Try on the coat and button it up fully. There should be no pulling or stain at your back and around your arms. Walk and sit as well to see if you’re comfortable or not. Move your arms to check the shoulder size.

If a coat passes the above tests, then it’s your size.

You can easily tell if a coat is oversized or ill-fitted just by looking in the mirror. There’s no need for any tricks for that.

A pro tip: Don’t neglect the quality

Quality fabric is a key to elegance for winter coats. Fine-quality fabrics tend to fit better than low-quality ones.

Avoid synthetic fabrics and go with a coat having a high percentage of wool. It looks premium, plus it’s affordable and warm.

Tip: When you’re trying on the coat, look in the mirror from all angles and just see if it’s looking good or not. Is it too tight, too loose or just right?

Frequently asked questions

1. Should a winter coat be tight or loose?

A winter coat shouldn’t be loose or else the cold and wind will enter init. It should be tight to protect you from the cold weather. However, make sure you’re comfortable in it and can easily walk, sit and do other activities.

2. Should you size up or down in coats?

Size up in coats if you live in an extremely cold area and have to layer a lot. Otherwise, stick to your actual size. Make sure your coat has room to accommodate chunky sweaters and at least 2 layers. If not, then you should also size up.

3. Can a short woman wear a long coat?

Yes, short women can wear long coats. If your long coats look like they’re draining you, then you’re styling them wrong. Here’s a detailed article on this topic that’ll help you style long coats.

4. What to do if your coat is too big?

If your coat is too big for you, get it altered. It’s the best way to make your clothes fit you rather than you fitting the clothes.


How should a winter coat fit a woman?

A winter coat shouldn’t be too loose or too tight that it restricts your movements. Find a middle ground and make sure it has room for your chunky sweaters and layering.

Remember that fit is the key to elegance. The right fit can even make a normal coat look more expensive.

Shanzay Aziz