12 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid To Instantly Look Polished 

Right styling is the key to looking good. However, there are a lot of mistakes that women do that don’t complement their outfits. And you know what, most women don’t even know what they’re doing wrong. So stick with me as I’m going to talk about 12 styling and fashion mistakes you should avoid. 

12 Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid: 

Here are the things that you need to stop doing. Let’s get straight into it. 

  1. Tucking your shirt completely: 

Tucking is the best way to elevate any shirt outfit and there are multiple ways of tucking. However, many still do it wrong. Don’t tuck it all in. For an effortless and laid-back look pull it out a little bit to loosen it up from the bottom. 

Fashion mistake tucking shirt completely


  1. Not shopping mindfully:

Another fashion mistake to avoid is mindless shopping. You buy what you like without thinking about how you can style it and whether it’ll go with other pieces in your wardrobe or not. This is the reason why you have so many clothes but still nothing to wear. 

A quick fashion hack is to look at your wardrobe before going shopping. This way you’ll know what you already have and it’ll give you a better shopping experience. 

  1. Wearing bulky shoes: 

This is a big no. Bulky shoes ruin the outfit. If you want comfort, like that smooth sole, you can still have that with style. There are such shoes available that have a very smooth comfortable sole but are stylish. Find something like that for yourself. 

  1. Accessorize your basics: 

The next big fashion mistake is not accessorizing your basics. If you’ll just wear them expecting them to make a complete look, you’re doing it wrong. 

If you want to make a complete look from the basics, accessorize them. They are meant to help you create an outfit with them. Only basics won’t make a whole look. Adding a belt, blazer, sunglasses or jewelry can make your basics go right. 

Styling mistake not accessorizing your basics

  1. Not focusing on proportions:  

Whenever you’re styling pay attention to proportions. This makes a huge difference. Balance the outfits, if you’re wearing a loose shirt wear fitted trousers and if your top is fitted then go for loose or straight trousers. 

  1. Wearing the same clothing pieces for too long: 

We all have some clothing items that we love. They’re so comfortable and we wear them a lot, even when they’ve started to worn out. This is where things get wrong. 

Although that top or trousers are so comfortable if they’ve started to fade or are losing their charm you should give up on them. They don’t look their best anymore and make your whole outfit cheap and rough. 

This doesn’t mean you should replace your clothes every now and then. I’m only talking about the items that are not in good shape anymore.

  1. Be more sophisticated:

Think of more put-together and sophisticated looks, especially with fancy dresses. Instead of going with sequins and shimmer go for silk and satin fabrics. They look so sophisticated and delicate but fancy as well. 


Styling mistake wearing too fancy

  1. Not following your own style:

This is one of the biggest mistakes that girls and most teenagers do. It’s not following their own personal style and blindly following the trends. Don’t just follow whatever you see on social media and the internet including this as well. 

I just advised you to not wear shimmer and sequins a lot. But if you like it then go for it. Fashion is all about experimenting and wearing what you like. Your own style is over any other tip or hack. 

Fashion mistake not following your personal style


  1. Going all same: 

This isn’t something that’s a mistake but it can sometimes make your outfit outdated. It’s wearing the same fabric at the top and bottom. If you’re wearing a jersey shirt and pairing it with trousers of the same fabric it doesn’t look that flattering. However, if you style that jersey with jeans or different fabric trousers it would look more modern and updated. 

  1. Not looking yourself from head to toe:

Most of us see our outfits in a mirror which doesn’t show our complete height. This creates a lot of problems, let me explain. You can’t see your complete outfit as others can view it. So you can’t see what’s right and what’s wrong. 

Get a full-length mirror. It’s a one-time investment but it’ll make your styling extremely easy. You’ll be able to see yourself from top to bottom. 

Styling mistake not looking yourself in the mirror


  1. Going all heavy:

This is something that I see girls doing thinking they’re looking great. It’s going all heavy and adding too much to your outfit. This strips away the delicacy and grace. 

To look polished and expensive balance the look. If there’s a lot going on with your dress keep your makeup and jewelry minimal. If your outfit is simple, go ahead and add accessories and makeup to make it pop. It’s just about balancing the look. 

Tip: You can make a simple dress fancy by adding a little heavy jewelry and doing fancy makeup. 

  1. Carrying bulky bags: 

Have you seen those bulky bags that have a lot of pockets on the side and on the front? They’re also not stylish at all. If you have to keep a lot of stuff get a big bag with 2 zips. 

Styling mistake carrying bulky bags



So these were some common fashion mistakes that you should avoid to look stylish and polished. 

All these were suggestions. If you like doing something, continue. Don’t change it if it’s labeled as a fashion mistake. There’s no right and wrong in fashion it’s all about everyone’s own personal style. These points are assembled for those who struggle with styling, to help them achieve that chic and polished look. 

Happy Styling!

Shanzay Aziz