9 Effortless Outfit Ideas Inspired By Billie Eilish

We all know Billie Eilish’s clothing style is baggy. She likes to wear oversized clothes and it’s not a surprise that she pulls them off very well. Billie herself describes her style as “weird”. 

Let’s take some inspiration from Billie Eilish and make some Billie Eilish-inspired outfits. All these looks are going to be casual and streetwear styles as these are what Billie wears. Let’s get into the fun part. 

Billie Eilish outfit inspiration


9 Outfit ideas inspired by Billie Eilish:

  1. Go Neon Yellow or green: 

Billie Eilish loves neon yellow and greenish colours. She even dyed her hair roots neon green. 

If there’s one colour you should wear by getting inspired by Billie, it should be neon yellow. 

Let’s look at the pictures and break down these outfits.

You can wear sweatshirts with the same coloured trousers as Billie is wearing in this picture. For footwear, it’s definitely going to be sneakers. Put on some chunky silver jewelry and add sunglasses if you want and your look is completed. 

Billie outfit inspiration baggy neon clothes


For the second option, you can wear a neon oversized t-shirt with baggy shorts and sneakers. You can add a jacket or neon tights or just finish the look here with some jewelry. 

  1. Billie’s concert look:

We can say this is Billie’s go-to concert look. She has dressed like this in multiple concerts. It’s pretty simple and has street-style vibes. 

You’ll need an oversized shirt, shorts, socks, and sneakers. Style it a bit with some chunky jewelry and if you’ve bangs and short hair, girl you can do that hairstyle as well. 

Outfit inspired by Billie Eilish Baggy shirt and shorts


  1. Baggy jackets:  

You can try this look in winter. Wear a loose hoodie and trousers. Layer it up with an oversized large jacket. However, this doesn’t look practically wearable. To make things easy you should wear the sleeves of your jacket and then you can step out of your house in Billie Eilish style. 

Billie Eilish in an oversized jacket 


Baggy jacket inspiration by billie eilish


  1. All denim: 

This is an easy outfit. I’m sure you’ll have everything in your wardrobe for this. Take out your straight-cut or wide-bottom jeans and denim jacket. Wear a white shirt under and layer it with your denim jacket. 

You can also try styling shorts with a denim jacket and compliment the outfit with knee-high white socks or leggings. 

All denim outfit inspired by Billie 


You can go baggy and oversized as Billie Eilish is wearing in the left picture or your denim jacket and jeans can give you the look on the right.

  1. A gangster vibe: 

Pair a black hoodie with contrasting shorts. For the footwear go for classic black thigh-high boots.

You can totally intensify this look by styling it. Hair, makeup, and accessories will help you with that. Get some dark eye shadow and lipstick. Wear some silver chunky jewelry and style your hair. 

Gangster outfit inspired by Billie 


  1. All White: 

This is an everyday look that you can incorporate into daily wear as well. Grab a white hoodie, with white baggy shorts. Pair them with sneakers and white leggings. That’s it an effortless and comfortable look is done. 

You can replace shorts with loose white trousers as well. 

All white baggy outfit inspired by Billie Eilish


  1. Same printed top and bottom: 

Billie loves to wear matching shirts and trousers. You just need to find a pair of matching baggy trousers and a shirt. You can complete the look with sneakers and some chunky jewelry. 

Don’t miss any artsy print you find. Billie does wear a lot of random and artsy prints. 

Matching baggy outfit inspiration by billie


Matching shirt and trousers inspired by billie eilish 


  1. A classic check: 

Let’s make an outfit with this classic check print. 

You can go with a matching shirt and trousers of check print if you can find one. Or grab a top, shirt, pants or whatever you find with this print and style it in Billie’s way. A top having this print will look great with black pants or jeans.

Check outfit inspiration from Billie Eilish


  1. Matching Mask and a hat: 

If you can find a matching mask or a matching hat with your outfit then try this style. Wear your loose shirt or hoodie with trousers and put on your matching mask and hat. 

An easy way to recreate this look is with all white, black, or any solid colour. It’ll be easy to find a solid colour mask and hat. 

Mask and hat inspired by billie 




Billie eilish outfit inspiration mask and hat 


Some must-have pieces to recreate Billie Eilish-inspired looks: 

Below are the clothing pieces that are important for getting Billie Eilish vibes and for following her clothing style. 

  1. Sneakers
  2. Chunky jewelry specifically silver
  3. Hats
  4. Statement sunglasses 
  5. Neon yellow coloured clothes
  6. Artistic prints 
  7. Baggy tops, trousers, and shorts 

Frequently asked questions: 

  1. What is Billie Eilish’s clothing style called? 

You can describe Billie Eilish’s clothing style as oversized and baggy. She wears ill-fitted clothes and is known for pulling them off. Her outfits are mostly street style and casual wear. 

  1. What is Billie Eilish’s favorite colour: 

It’s greenish yellow or more specifically neon yellowish green. You can see her wearing this colour multiple times. She even dyed her hair roots neon green. 

  1. What type of shorts does Billie Eilish wear? 

Billie wears loose baggy shorts that match her style. You will see her pairing them with oversized shirts and sweatshirts. 


This article was all about Billie Eilish’s outfit inspiration ideas. We discussed 9 outfits that you can recreate to style yourself like Billie. If you understand her style you can easily recreate it and also give it your own personal touch. Hope the article helps. 

Happy Styling!

Shanzay Aziz